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Building Database Clouds in Oracle 12c

Book Description

An Expert Guide to Building Oracle Database Cloud Infrastructures

This is the first complete, practical guide to architecting, designing, and building Database Clouds with Oracle 12c. Written by a veteran author team of Oracle gurus and ACE Directors, Building Database Clouds in Oracle 12c combines a real-world, hands-on operations guide with an expert handbook on Oracle Database-As-A-Service (DBaaS) and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

Writing for Oracle DBAs, DMAs, cloud administrators, and other Oracle professionals, the authors present authoritative technical information for database cloud build-out, management, monitoring, and day-to-day administration.

The authors first explain the key concepts underlying DBaaS, describe cloud computing implementations related to it, and outline the business and technology benefits. Next, they show how the Oracle DBA’s approach changes in cloud environments. Then, building on this foundation, they offer insider advice on all key facets of database cloud deployment and operation with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle RAC 12c.

This guide helps you

  • Make the business case for cloud computing with DBaaS

  • Organize DBA responsibilities in cloud environments

  • Plan, design, and deploy Database Clouds with Oracle’s latest components

  • Consolidate schema and databases with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

  • Use best practices for management, administration metering, and chargeback

  • Clone databases quickly and reliably

  • Set up grid infrastructure on Oracle VM for x86 or Oracle VM VirtualBox 

  • Table of Contents

    1. Contents
    2. Chapter 1. Database as a Service Concepts—360 Degrees
      1. Cloud Computing: Definition and Classical View
      2. DBaaS—A Special Case of Cloud Computing
      3. Services Applicable to DBaaS
      4. Architecture of an Oracle-Based DBaaS Implementation
      5. Business and Technology Benefits of Having DBaaS Enabled
      6. Great First Step for Transitioning into the Cloud
      7. Summary
    3. Chapter 2. The Database Cloud Administrator—Duties and Roles
      1. DBA Responsibilities in a Traditional Environment
      2. What’s Changed with DBaaS
      3. The New Role of the Cloud DBA
      4. Preparing to Be a Cloud DBA
      5. Summary
    4. Chapter 3. Cloud Computing with DBaaS—Benefits and Advantages over Traditional IT Computing
      1. DBaaS Evolution: Pre–Database Cloud Strategies
      2. Delivering DBaaS with Oracle Technologies
      3. Cloud Computing with DBaaS
      4. Summary
    5. Chapter 4. Schema Consolidation in Enterprise Manager 12c
      1. Architecture and Components
      2. Schema as a Service Setup
      3. Using Schema as a Service
      4. Deployment Issues
      5. Summary
    6. Chapter 5. Database Consolidation in Enterprise Manager 12c
      1. PDBaaS Setup
      2. Using the Self-Service Portal with PDBaaS in Enterprise Manager
      3. Deployment Issues
      4. Summary
    7. Chapter 6. Metering and Chargeback in Enterprise Manager 12c
      1. Terminology
      2. Setting Up Chargeback
      3. Summary
    8. Chapter 7. Manage and Administer the Database Cloud in Enterprise Manager 12c
      1. The Cloud Home Page
      2. The Cloud Adviser
      3. Summary
    9. Chapter 8. Cloning Databases in Enterprise Manager 12c
      1. Full Clones
      2. Snap Clones
      3. Summary
    10. Chapter 9. Virtualizing RAC 12c (DB Clouds) on Oracle VM—Grid Infrastructure
      1. Database Clouds Based on RAC—The Necessary Ingredients
      2. Virtualization—360 Degrees
      3. What Are VM Monitors (Hypervisors)?
      4. Types of Hypervisors
      5. Types of Virtualization
      6. OVM for x86—360 Degrees
      7. Xen—Synopsis and Overview
      8. OVM—Overview and Architecture
      9. What Are OVM Templates?
      10. OVM 3.x—A Brief Introduction
      11. Virtualized RAC Using OVM Templates—Approach 1
      12. Set Up and Configure a Virtualized RAC Database Cloud—Approach 2
      13. Summary
    11. Chapter 10. Virtualizing RAC 12c (DB Clouds) on Oracle VM VirtualBox—RAC Databases
      1. OVM VirtualBox: A Brief Introduction
      2. What Is Cloud Computing? Synopsis and Overview
      3. Oracle’s Strategy for Cloud Computing
      4. EM12c and OVM: Management and Virtualization Components for Oracle Database Clouds
      5. RAC Private Cloud on OVM VirtualBox—Software and Hardware Infrastructure Requirements
      6. Setting up, Installing, and Configuring an Oracle RAC 12c Private Cloud on OVM VirtualBox
      7. EM12c: Implementing DBaaS
      8. Summary