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Build scalable applications with Apache Kafka

Video Description

Build event-driven architectures using Apache Kafka

About This Video

  • Build an application with Apache Kafka Architecture.

  • Use Apache Kafka and its API to learn to use Producers and Consumers API.

  • We will learn how kafka is working under the hood - Kafka Internals.

  • In Detail

    Today's application are build in the Microservices Architecture. Having a lot of Microservices that needs to communicate with each other can be problematic as they quickly become tight coupled. Apache Kafka allows us to create services that are loosely coupled and operate in the event driven way.

    We can build components that process events and apply business logic as events arrived and publish those events further into the processing chain.We will learn how to use Apache Kafka to create applications that works in the publish-subscribe model.

    We will delve into the Kafka Architecture and its Producer and Consumer API. We will learn how replication and fault tolerance is achieved in Kafka. We will learn how to leverage Kafka to build truly Resilient, Scalable and event driven applications.