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BSS Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas

Book Description

Why should anyone eat bananas? Because they are good for you! Experts agree that, as a quick source of carbohydrate fuel, bananas are better for you than any other fruit. They are great for an energy boost. This book is packed with timeless, inspirational, energy-boosting tips and advice for today's entrepreneur seeking growth in their business and personal life. Simon Tupman provides 101 ideas to help you connect with existing customers, win new customers, connect with your employees and colleagues, and create a better personal life. Each idea can easily be implemented in any company, large or small. Together, they form a set of "best practice" that will lead to sustained success in business and a more satisfying life in general.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Chapter 1: The Way of the World
    1. An ongoing crisis
    2. What has changed?
    3. It is all about choices
    4. Change as opportunity
    5. Taking control
    6. The point of life: what’s it all about?
    7. Your purpose
    8. Being human
    9. The role of management
    10. The new realities and the future
    11. CASE STUDY: Gary Lines
  7. Chapter 2: Practicing Best Practice
    1. Opportunities for growth
    2. Working too hard for too little
    3. How can I find the balance?
    4. What is important to you?
    5. Working smarter not harder
    6. What is your philosophy?
    7. Understand your value
    8. CASE STUDY: Jackie Shevel
  8. Chapter 3: Connecting with Existing Customers
    1. Creating emotional value
    2. 101 great ideas to improve your business and life!
    3. CASE STUDY: Leonard G. Lee
  9. Chapter 4: Connecting with New Customers
    1. Courting new customers
    2. Collaborating with others
    3. Make your voice heard!
    4. How different is your organization?
    5. More than one way of networking
    6. CASE STUDY: Rachel Clacher
  10. Chapter 5: Connecting with Your People
    1. The cost of staff turnover
    2. Managing to keep your staff
    3. CASE STUDY: Rajen Devadason
  11. Chapter 6: Connecting with Life
    1. The three Ps
    2. Where do you go from here?
  12. Appendices
  13. Appendix A: Checklist: Planning to become focused
  14. Appendix B: Standard customer survey letter
  15. Appendix C: Customer survey fax-back form
  16. Appendix D: Customer service feedback form
  17. Appendix E: Pre-project checklist
  18. Appendix F: Team performance questionnaire
  19. Appendix G: Self-assessment questionnaire for managers
  20. Appendix H: Standard customer survey letter
  21. Bibliography
  22. How to build on the ideas learned in this book
  23. Acknowledgements
  24. About the Author