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Bring It Home with CorelDRAW®

Book Description

Would you like to learn to create sharp, powerful graphics for your own small business? Have you been tasked with designing brochures, business cards, sales or feature sheets, slides, or other graphic materials for your employer? If you have an eye for design and a basic knowledge of computers, with the help of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and BRING IT HOME WITH CORELDRAW: A GUIDE TO IN-HOUSE GRAPHIC DESIGN, you can start producing impressive, professional-looking ads and marketing materials today. The book's step-by-step guidance and wealth of tips, tricks, and techniques will quickly teach you the fundamentals of clear, effective visual communication and how to structure compelling promotional pieces and ads for your company. Along the way, you'll learn how to set up and customize CorelDRAW to make things easier, the basic elements of design, including typography, color, and resolution, how to create layouts with ease, including the use of templates and styles, how to produce company ID packages and a variety of collateral pieces, the best way to get your finished pieces from CorelDRAW to the printer, and learn to create eye-catching marketing materials that are easy on the budget. BRING IT HOME WITH CORELDRAW: A GUIDE TO IN-HOUSE GRAPHIC DESIGN is your fast, friendly guide to producing great-looking graphics in-house.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Foreword
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. About the Technical Editor
  8. Contents
  9. Introduction
  10. 1 The Design Process
    1. The Brief Is the Foundation
    2. Setting Up a Business
    3. Working with the Manage Workspace
  11. 2 The History of CorelDRAW
    1. The Ultimate Illustration Package
    2. CorelDRAW 3 and Full Color Design
    3. CorelDRAW 6 Improves Printing
    4. And Finally, CorelDRAW X6
  12. 3 Set Up and Start Smoothly
    1. The Welcome Screen
    2. Hints and Highlight What’s New
    3. Workspace
    4. Default Settings
  13. 4 Elements of Design—File Formats
    1. File Formats
    2. AI (Adobe Illustrator)
    3. CDR (CorelDRAW)
    4. CMX (Corel Presentation Exchange)
    5. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
    6. GIF (CompuServe Bitmap)
    7. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
    8. PDF (Portable Document Format)
    9. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
  14. 5 Elements of Design—Typography
    1. Typography Terms
    2. Types of Fonts
    3. Installing Fonts
    4. Fonts from Other Sources
    5. Type Modifications
    6. Above and Beyond Ordinary Type
    7. Maintaining Features
    8. Typography Best Practices
  15. 6 Elements of Design—Color
    1. Color Space vs. Color Model
    2. Color Palettes
    3. Color Styles and Harmonies
  16. 7 Elements of Design—Resolution
    1. Dissecting the Terminology
    2. What Resolution Is Best?
    3. Halftones
  17. 8 Create Layouts with Ease
    1. Working with Templates
    2. Layout Toolbar
    3. Rulers, Grids, and Guidelines
    4. Object Manager
    5. Setting Up a Page
    6. Working with Multipage Documents
    7. Working with Styles
    8. Creating and Using Scripts
    9. Corel Connect
    10. Creating a Custom Template
  18. 9 Designing Your Business Graphic
    1. The Corporate Identity Package
    2. Creating a Postcard Invite
    3. Creating a Desktop Background
    4. Backgrounds for Presentation Software
    5. CorelDRAW as a Presentation Tool
    6. Web Tools
    7. Creating a Feature Sheet Template
    8. Creating a Wine Label
    9. Signs and Vinyl Graphics
    10. Print Considerations
    11. Other Considerations for Output
    12. Conclusion
  19. A Troubleshooting 101 for CorelDRAW
    1. Video
    2. User Account
    3. Operating System
    4. Printing
    5. Fonts
    6. Temporary Files
    7. Application Workspace
    8. File Corruption
  20. B 50 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques from the Professionals
    1. Bitmaps
    2. Double-Clicking
    3. Fills
    4. I/O (Input / Output)
    5. Keyboard Shortcuts
    6. Multi-Page Documents
    7. Printing
    8. Techniques
    9. Text/Fonts
    10. Tools
  21. C Glossary
  22. Index