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Brands with a Conscience

Book Description

Permeated with international case studies, Brands with a Conscience illustrates how to create and sustain a culture that meets the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. About the cover
  5. About Medinge: how did ‘Brands with a Conscience’ come about?
  6. Changing the relevancy of business and the role of brand leaders forever
    1. Ava Hakim
    2. A butterfly flaps its wings
    3. The world changes
    4. The rise of business consciousness
    5. Conscientious business: a force for good
    6. Conscientious brands: change the world
    7. The enlightenment. A movement. Your imperative
    8. Notes
  7. 01    Dilmah Tea: Business is a matter of human service
    1. Jack Yan
    2. Tell the truth
    3. The man behind the brand
    4. Value creation for all
    5. Spreading wealth
    6. A sustainable approach
    7. Staying the course
    8. Reflective questions
    9. Star for Life
    10. Annette Rosencreutz
    11. A brand for a better future
  8. 02    John Lewis Partnership: Partnership for all
    1. Erika Uffindell and Simon Paterson
    2. A conscious brand, a conscious business model
    3. Ahead of its time
    4. One of a kind
    5. The difference – in action
    6. Values-based brand building
    7. Reframing for the present day
    8. Fit for the future
    9. Reflective questions
    10. Notes
    11. Influence at adidas
    12. Nicholas Ind
    13. Be open-minded and look towards the future
    14. A journey into the mainstream
    15. Notes
  9. 03    Dr Hauschka: Healthy business
    1. Brigitte Stepputtis
    2. Would you like to work for a leading company…
    3. Led by the rhythms of life
    4. The influence of Rudolf Steiner
    5. From medicines to cosmetics
    6. A name change, rebranding avant la lettre?
    7. An anthroposophic business model
    8. Environmentally healthy for all
    9. Raw materials from Bulgaria, India, Iran and Afghanistan
    10. From nice to indispensable lifestyle brand
    11. The future of natural cosmetics
    12. Reflective questions
    13. Notes
    14. Alqvimia: The energy that will save the world
    15. Guiseppe Cavallo
    16. Feminine energy and ancient wisdom
    17. Showing the true face of Alqvimia: the art of speaking out
    18. A solid business with a feminine spirit
    19. Note
  10. 04    Merci ‘destination store’, Paris: What destiny for this lifestyle design concept store?
    1. Philippe Mihailovich
    2. Surprise!
    3. Who thought of this in the first place?
    4. It’s about saying thank you
    5. It is also about business
    6. Exceptional people, objects and events
    7. A foundation of friends and family
    8. Destination London
    9. Comment
    10. Reflective questions
    11. Notes
    12. Sustainable fashion at H&M
    13. Thomas Gad and Brigitte Stepputtis
    14. Notes
  11. 05    Tony’s Chocolonely: Crazy about chocolate, serious about people
    1. Sandra Horlings
    2. Driven by a cause
    3. Where marketing meets journalism
    4. Make the story stick
    5. From ideal to business, from a business perspective
    6. From small business to market challenger
    7. Reflective questions
    8. Notes
    9. Lovechock: Happiness inside
    10. Sandra Horlings
    11. Brief encounter
    12. Purpose, perseverance and possibilities
    13. True to the heart of the business
  12. 06    Slow Food: The case for eco-gastronomy
    1. Peter Brown
    2. Good, clean and fair: the evolution of Slow Food
    3. What is the conscience of the Slow Food brand?
    4. Slow Food as an evolving conscience with practical application
    5. Slow Food: a brand with deep political conscience, but political independence
    6. Slow Food in practice: a global conscience with local autonomy
    7. Slow Food and personal leadership: leading by personal example
    8. Slow Food: demonstrating the features of a brand with a conscience
    9. What next? Slow Food in the 2020s
    10. Reflective questions
    11. Notes
    12. Vegetalia: nourishing life
    13. Guiseppe Cavallo
  13. 07    DNV GL: Back to the future: sustainability at DNV GL
    1. Nicholas Ind
    2. Sustainability as a perspective
    3. Bringing sustainability to life
    4. Engaging customers
    5. Creating new narratives
    6. The role of business: influences
    7. Reflective questions
    8. Notes
    9. Unilever and the green bond
    10. Nicholas Ind
  14. 08    Cosentino: Conversations carved in stone
    1. Cristián Saracco
    2. ‘Stone people’ with a great sense of compassion
    3. Innovation as the cornerstone to success
    4. Social and environmental issues with the weight of stone
    5. Conversations with people etched in stone
    6. Two-way communication
    7. The path to building the triple bottom line
    8. Online conversations that flow like pebbles
    9. Co-creation without stumbling on stones along the way
    10. Reflective questions
  15. 09    Tata Steel: Building a caring organization
    1. Sudhir John Horo
    2. An overview
    3. Setting a winning mood
    4. An alternative legal structure
    5. Building brand Tata
    6. Tata’s vision
    7. Tata Steel: proven mettle in philanthropy
    8. Tata Steel and legacy giving
    9. Transforming into a caring company
    10. Building an organization of the future: how is Tata Steel shaping itself?
    11. Conclusion
    12. Reflective questions
    13. Notes
    14. Handelsbanken: No targets, no budgets and little marketing – and yet, multiplying branches in Britain
    15. Simon Paterson and Erika Uffindell
    16. An example of a conscious, sustainable, bank brand
    17. No targets, no budgets and little marketing
    18. Decentralization and freedom of authority
    19. Prudence and long-term thinking
    20. The value of direct human contact
    21. Innovative and open-minded
    22. No bonuses, no temptation
    23. Having a wide and socially useful purpose
    24. Slow but stable growth
  16. 10    Place Branding: Branding the place and growing the good life
    1. Nikolaj Stagis
    2. Urbanization is changing places around the globe
    3. Copenhagen – green smart thinking
    4. Lejre – the organic municipality
    5. The Citta ‘Slow’ movement focuses on quality of life
    6. Creating conscious uniqueness
    7. Democracy as a differentiation paradox
    8. Conscious means involvement and interaction
    9. Morality as a primary force in the conscious city brand
    10. Developing the conscious place brand
    11. Key learnings
    12. Reflective questions
    13. Note
    14. Cork – big on life
    15. Malcolm Allan
    16. Tower of Babel
    17. Involve the community
    18. A compelling and uplifting melody
    19. Notes
  17. 11    Exploiting leadership to better the world
    1. Enric Bernal
    2. Corporate social responsibility
    3. Three more levels
    4. Bold steps that have impact
  18. 12    How to be a brand with a conscience
    1. Oriol Iglesias and Nicholas Ind
    2. Now… how?
    3. A new role for brand leaders
    4. Notes
  19. Author biographies
  20. Index
  21. Copyright