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Brainstorming and Solving

Video Description

Organizations must use the power of people’s minds to be creative, innovate and solve problems – individually and in groups. This engaging video is about giving your mind the freedom to come up with ideas and solutions. The video is set in the CUTTING EDGE COMMUNICATION CORPORATION, a fictitious company created by Psychologist Eve Ash and Comedienne Erin Brown, where things don’t always go right, but everyone learns from mistakes. At a brainstorming meeting, Marcus has everyone trying “brain cages” to stimulate their thinking. Casey and Steve dream up a new shoe idea that will enable hiking, jumping and swimming – ideal for triathletes. Sam and Dion favor mind mapping for creative work and Dion leads a mind mapping activity with the Cutting Edge staff as a team building exercise. Openness, honesty and lack of judgment are conducive to positive group brainstorming sessions (though Sam feels he doesn’t need group sessions – he can do it effectively by himself).

Table of Contents

  1. Brainstorming and Solving 00:07:55