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Book of Sides

Book Description

Looking for fresh, original scenes for your fast-paced acting or directing class? Tired of the same old material everyone recognizes? Want the flexibility to play any character in any scene?

Book of Sides: Original, Short Scenes for Actors and Directors offers scenes that are considerably shorter than those in similar books but still feature the structure of typical scenes with arcs, clear playable objectives, and stakes for both actors. Here you will find scenes that are:

  • One-page in length and specially designed for new, high-intensity exercises that help students develop quickly
  • Printed in an easily readable, film-script format that provides plenty of room for annotations
  • Completely original, allowing you to produce and distribute reinterpretations without worrying about copyright restrictions
  • Universally castable, with roles that can be assigned to actors regardless of gender, appearance, skill level, or race
  • Simple and conducive to performing in the classroom without props, costumes, or sets
  • Perfect for audition workshops and crowded directing or acting classes where everyone wants an opportunity to perform
  • Written in accessible, contemporary language that keeps student actors engaged

Don’t miss out! In Book of Sides, Dave Kost brings two decades of teaching experience to the table to deliver the ideal set of scenes for busy classroom settings, auditions, and general training.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  10. SCENES
    1. Am I Attractive?
    2. Are We Really Friends?
    3. Are You A Liar?
    4. Are You A Team Player?
    5. Are You Angry?
    6. Are You Cheating?
    7. Are You Embarrassed By Me?
    8. Attitude Adjustment
    9. Bad Idea
    10. Being A Douche
    11. Bitch!
    12. Can I Borrow Your Phone?
    13. Can I Tell You Something?
    14. Can We Afford That?
    15. Can You Hold This For Me?
    16. Can You Put A Word In For Me?
    17. Casey’s Dead
    18. Change Just Happens
    19. College Application
    20. Come With
    21. Deal Breaker
    22. Did You Buy That?
    23. Did You Tell?
    24. Do You Love Me?
    25. Do You Understand Your Job?
    26. Dogs Are The Best
    27. Don’t Embarrass Me
    28. Don’t Touch My Stuff
    29. Everybody Cares About Kids
    30. A Few Questions
    31. Find Yourself?
    32. Five Bucks
    33. The Friends Thing
    34. Get You A Soda?
    35. Get Your Weight Off It
    36. Gimme A Kiss
    37. Give It A Try
    38. Give Me One More Chance
    39. Give You The Job?
    40. Gotta Go
    41. Help Me Clean Up
    42. Help With My Taxes?
    43. How Could You?
    44. How I Feel About You
    45. How’d It Go?
    46. How’d The Date Go?
    47. How’d The Rehab Go?
    48. Huge Mistake
    49. I Am Not Sleeping With You
    50. I Can’t Stop
    51. I Could Kiss You
    52. I Didn’t Say Anything About You!
    53. I Don’t Lie
    54. I Don’t Look Like I Do On The Internet
    55. I Got A Ticket
    56. I Got Held Up
    57. I Haven’t Been Totally Honest
    58. I Heard Something About You
    59. I Kind Of Like Tangling
    60. I Know Everything
    61. I Know You From Somewhere
    62. I Liked It
    63. I Love You A Ton
    64. I Need You There
    65. I Still Love You
    66. I Think I’m Gonna Puke
    67. I Think I’m In Love
    68. I Think You Used Me
    69. I Want You To Say It
    70. I Wanted To Ask You…
    71. I Will Try Harder
    72. I’d Like Us To Be Closer
    73. I’ll Go With
    74. I’m Gonna Kill You!
    75. I’m Ready
    76. I’m Scared
    77. I’m Sorry
    78. I’m Gay
    79. I’m Just Here To Listen
    80. I’m On To You
    81. I’m Reading Right Now
    82. I’m Trusting You
    83. I’ve Seen You
    84. I’ve Taken My Sexuality For Granted
    85. If We Both Make A Move
    86. In A Relationship?
    87. Is Everything Okay?
    88. Is It Yours?
    89. Isn’t It More Romantic Now?
    90. It Gets Better
    91. It Was An Emergency
    92. It Wasn’t Me
    93. It’s Not Working Out
    94. It’s Over Now
    95. It’s Really Great
    96. It’s Smarter To Learn
    97. It’s The Landlord
    98. Jealous Much?
    99. Just Glad You’re Here
    100. Just Like Your Parents
    101. Just Stop With The Gossip
    102. Kind Of Friend I Need
    103. Leave Me Alone
    104. Let’s Have A Drink
    105. Level Six
    106. A Little Basic Support
    107. A Little Drunk
    108. A Little Early For That
    109. A Little Less Drama
    110. A Little Lonely
    111. Maybe I Have An Opinion
    112. Meeting The Parents
    113. My Privacy
    114. New Deal
    115. Not A Fan Anymore
    116. Not Perfect
    117. Nothing Happened
    118. Nothing’s Funny
    119. The Old You, The Fun You
    120. Our Money
    121. Ours For The Taking
    122. Paranoid
    123. People Like Me
    124. Really Special
    125. Screw Perry!
    126. Sexually Attractive
    127. Shhhh!
    128. Shutting That Mouth
    129. Six Bucks
    130. Somebody Posted Something
    131. Something In That Room
    132. Starving!
    133. Step Up Your Manners
    134. Still Excited?
    135. Stop Touching Me
    136. Take The Pill
    137. Talk Me Out Of This
    138. Thanks For Coming
    139. This Is A Favor
    140. This Is Fate
    141. This Should Be Easier
    142. This Wasn’t A Date
    143. Those Damn Shoes
    144. Too Late
    145. The Ugliness
    146. Up To Something
    147. Violent Behavior Is Not Okay
    148. We Don’t Want You Here
    149. We Just Do What We’re Told
    150. We Need To Work Together
    151. We’re Getting You Out
    152. We’re Moving In Here
    153. We’re The Best!
    154. We’ve Been Broken Into
    155. Were You Drinking?
    156. Were You In A Fight?
    157. What Are You Doing Here?
    158. What Are You Flaunting?
    159. What Did I Ever Do To You?
    160. What Did You Say?
    161. What Do You Want?
    162. What Don’t I Know?
    163. What Happened Last Night?
    164. What Happened To Me?
    165. What Happened To You?
    166. What Was That?
    167. What’s It Worth To You?
    168. What’s Your Name?
    169. Where Are My Headphones?
    170. Where Are We Supposed To Go?
    171. The Whole Slippery – Slope Thing
    172. Why Are You Here?
    173. Why Do You Watch This?
    174. Why Us?
    175. Worst Line Ever
    176. You Didn’t Really Try
    177. You Drink All The Time
    178. You Gettin’ Cold Feet?
    179. You Have A Problem With Me?
    180. You Hear That?
    181. You Need Help
    182. You Need To Get Back Out There
    183. You Need To Leave
    184. You Need To See A Doctor
    185. You Said Something This Time
    186. You Told Somebody
    187. You Warned Me About You
    188. You Watch Porn?
    189. You Work Too Hard
    190. You’ll Call Me Next Time?
    191. You’re A Hottie!
    192. You’re A Thief Aren’t You?
    193. You’re Crazy
    194. You’re Here, But You’re Not Here
    195. You’re Sick, You’re Not Dead
    196. You’re Too Nice
    197. You’re Way More Drunk
    198. Your Track Record
    199. Your Work’s Been Suffering
    200. ZZZZZZ…