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Blue Collar Resumes, Second Edition

Book Description

Now you can identify and most effectively market your skills and abilities to land the job you want with BLUE COLLAR RESUMES, SECOND EDITION. One of the few books written by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), this highimpact approach to expert resume writing and career marketing clearly demonstrates how to rise above the competition, win interviews, secure a betterpaying job, and advance your career. You discover what really works as this practical guide reveals top secrets of today's professional resume experts. The author applies his 25 years of industry success to introduce the latest tips, strategies and job search techniques as you walk stepbystep through the process of creating a winning resume.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1 Get Started: Assessing Your Skills
  9. Chapter 2 Organize Your Resume for High Impact
    1. Reaching for the Ideal Position
    2. Keeping Your Resume “Honest”
    3. Resume Essentials
    4. Eliminate from Your Resume
    5. Optional Items
    6. One Page or Two?
  10. Chapter 3 Using a Title or Objective
    1. The Title
    2. The Objective
    3. Pack Action into Your Resume
    4. Professional Writer’s Tip
  11. Chapter 4 The Profile / Experience Section: Market Your Skills
    1. Why Use a Profile / Experience Section?
    2. Professional Writer’s Tip
    3. Keep It Relevant
    4. Group Similar Skills Together
  12. Chapter 5 Employment: Build an Impressive History
  13. Chapter 6 Education: Develop Your Strongest Credentials
  14. Chapter 7 Design Your Eye-Catching Resume
    1. Computer, Typesetter, or Professional Resume Writer?
    2. What Typeface? What Size?
    3. Line Length
    4. Placement of Dates
    5. Printing Your Resume
    6. What Color Paper?
    7. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!
  15. Chapter 8 Secrets of Electronic Resumes
    1. Keywords
    2. Formatting Tips for Electronic Resumes
    3. Snail Mail
  16. Chapter 9 Using Your Resume to Speed Your Job Search
    1. Your Current Employer
    2. Your Company’s Competitors
    3. Trade Organizations and Networking
    4. Employment Agencies
    5. Online and Newspaper “Want Ads”
    6. Build Your Network!
    7. College Placement Offices
    8. Job Fairs
    9. How to Pursue That Job Lead
  17. Chapter 10 At Last: The Interview
    1. Research the Company and Position
    2. Practice Your Answers
    3. Present a Professional Image
    4. Arrive on Time
    5. Be Positive
    6. Don’t Be Nervous
    7. Keep Your Personal Life Out of the Interview
  18. Chapter 11 Motivation and Inspiration: Get Your Career in Gear
    1. Inspiration / Motivation
    2. An Introduction to...
    3. How to Retrain Your Brain for Change
    4. Networking Tips and Strategies
    5. Harness the Power of Networking
    6. Interview Techniques
    7. The Name of the Game
  19. Chapter 12 Before and After Resume Examples
  20. Chapter 13 Resume and Cover Letter Examples
    1. Resume Examples
    2. Resume Examples For: Office, Business, Supervisory, and Technical Positions
    3. Resume Examples For: Veterans Returning to the Workforce
  21. Appendix A Resource Materials for the Job Hunt
    1. Websites, Job Boards, Catalogs, and Books
    2. Job Boards and Web Resources
    3. Career Advice
    4. Job Agents
    5. Networking Resources
    6. Additional Job Search Resources
    7. 10 Strategies for Planning and Executing the Job Hunt
  22. Index