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Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, 2nd Edition

Book Description

"Become Your Own Boss is a must-read if you're thinking of launching a business of your own." --Jean Chatzky, bestselling author of Money 911 and Financial Editor, NBC Today

Create a successful business this year!

Written by America's #1 Small Business Expert, this essential handbook shows you how to launch your own business in just twelve months. Using her years of experience in business development, Melinda Emerson guides you through the process with step-by-step instructions for developing an effective marketing plan, setting a budget, and maintaining your business once it's up and running. She also offers brand-new strategies for obtaining financing through means like crowdsourcing as well as social media techniques that help build your business--all of which has been updated for today's market.

With Emerson's expert business advice, you will finally follow your dreams and become your own boss!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. How to Use This Book
  7. Chapter 1: So You Think You Want to Be an Entrepreneur
  8. Chapter 2: Why Does It Take Twelve Months?
  9. Part I—Get Ready!
    1. Chapter 3: Get Your Life Plan Together
      1. 12 Months Before You Start:
    2. Chapter 4: Construct a Financial Plan
      1. 11 Months Before You Start:
    3. Chapter 5: Think Like a Business Owner
    4. Chapter 6: Create Your Business Model
      1. 10 Months Before You Start:
    5. Chapter 7: Line Up a Lawyer and an Accountant
  10. Part II—Get Set!
    1. Chapter 8: Niche to Get Rich!
      1. 9 Months Before You Start:
    2. Chapter 9: Marketing 101: Eyeing Who’s Buying
    3. Chapter 10: Every Business Needs a Plan
      1. 8 Months Before You Start:
    4. Chapter 11: Get Your Financing Together
    5. Chapter 12: Developing a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
    6. Chapter 13: Brand Your Business
      1. 7 Months Before You Start:
    7. Chapter 14: Develop Your #1 Sales Tool: Your Website
    8. Chapter 15: Develop Your Content Strategy
    9. Chapter 16: Become a Social Media Ninja
    10. Chapter 17: Cultivate the Market
      1. 6 Months Before You Start:
    11. Chapter 18: Setting Up Shop
    12. Chapter 19: Build Your Team
      1. 5 Months Before You Start:
    13. Chapter 20: Set Up Customer Service Systems
      1. 3 Months Before You Start:
    14. Chapter 21: Taking Stock: Is Everything in Place?
      1. 1 Month Before You Start:
  11. Part III—Go!
    1. Chapter 22: Launching Your Business
    2. Chapter 23: Handling Cash and Your Bank
    3. Chapter 24: Maintaining Your Marketing
    4. Chapter 25: Ten Things You Must Never Forget in Business
    5. Chapter 26: Final Thoughts
  12. Appendix A: Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey
  13. Appendix B: Further Resources
  14. Copyright