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Assessing the Modularity of Functional Solutions

The preceding presentation, while leaving aside many contributions of the presentation and especially the article, suffices as a basis for discussing architectural features of the functional approach and comparing them with the OO view. We will freely alternate between the pudding example (which makes the ideas immediately understandable) and financial contracts (representative of real applications).

Extendibility Criteria

As pointed out by the presentation, the immediate architectural benefit is that it is easy to add a new combinator: “When we define a new recipe, we can calculate its sugar content with no further work.” This property, however, is hardly a consequence of using a functional programming approach. The insight was to introduce the notion of a combinator, which creates pudding and pudding parts—or contracts—from components that can either be atomic or themselves result from applying combinators to more elementary components.

The article and presentation suggest that this is a new idea for financial contracts. If so, the insights should be beneficial to financial software. But as a general software design idea, they are not new. Transposed to the area of GUI design, the “bad approach” rejected at the beginning of the presentation (list all pudding types, for each of them compute sugar content, etc.) would mean devising every screen of an interactive application in its own specific way and writing the corresponding operations—display, ...

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