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Be A Recruiting Superstar

Book Description

The proven recrutiing techniques to take network marketing pros to a whole new level!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I: Prepare to Recruit
    1. Chapter One: Why People become Network Marketers and why they Don't
    2. Chapter Two: Recruiting Principles that will Transform your Business
    3. Chapter Three: How to Connect with More People
    4. Chapter Four: How Much do you know about Network Marketing?
    5. Chapter Five: Assemble your Tools
    6. Chapter Six: Develop your Personal Success Story
  9. Part II: Identify your Best Prospects
    1. Chapter Seven: Get Ready to Connect!
    2. Chapter Eight: Recruiting your Customers
    3. Chapter Nine: Recruiting at Parties
    4. Chapter Ten: Approaching People who Need the Money
    5. Chapter Eleven: Turning Parents on to your Business Opportunity
    6. Chapter Twelve: Identifying Hot Prospects by their Careers
    7. Chapter Thirteen: Connecting with People who have been in the Business Before
    8. Chapter Fourteen: Embracing Ethnic Diversity
    9. Chapter Fifteen: Helping Business Owners Switch
    10. Chapter Sixteen: Peacocks and Other Hot Prospects
    11. Chapter Seventeen: Why your Business will Appeal to Achievers
    12. Chapter Eighteen: Helping Gen Ys Realize their Dreams
    13. Chapter Nineteen: Helping Gen Xs Get what they Want
    14. Chapter Twenty: Brightening the Future for Baby Boomers
    15. Chapter Twenty-One: Women and Network Marketing
    16. Chapter Twenty-Two: Men and Network Marketing
    17. Chapter Twenty-Three: Recruiting Couples
    18. Chapter Twenty-Four: Recruiting Close to Home
    19. Chapter Twenty-Five: Building a Part-Time Army
    20. Chapter Twenty-Six: Prospect Shopping
    21. Chapter Twenty-Seven: How to Get Referrals
  10. Part III: Turning Knowledge into Practice
    1. Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Dress Rehearsal
    2. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Approaching your Prospects
    3. Chapter Thirty: The Recruiting Interview
    4. Chapter Thirty-One: The Business Seminar
    5. Chapter Thirty-Two: Loving Objections
  11. Part IV: Are you a Recruiting Superstar?
    1. Chapter Thirty-Three: Your Personal Recruiting Style
    2. Chapter Thirty-Four: Give your New Recruits the Best Possible Start
  12. Index