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Basics Design 05: Colour

Book Description

Basics Design: Colour, the fifth book in the Basics Design series, explores the use of colour in graphic design from two different directions. First the book explores in depth what colours mean, their inherent associations and their cultural connotations. Building on this information the book then tackles how to control colour in a design in order to achieve a desired effect or fulfil a specific brief. Colour, the book argues, is the most immediate form of non-verbal communication. Humans naturally react to colour as we have evolved with a certain innate understanding of it. Colour is used to represent thoughts and emotions in a way that no other element of design can. As such, colour is an important facet of contemporary design. Starting with the basic principles of colour – how light works, colour wheels, colour combinations and harmonies – the book builds on these principles and explains how the designer, or design student, can accurately and intentionally control colour. Fully illustrated with examples from contemporary designers that push the envelope of colour in design, Basics Design: Colour constitutes a comprehensive discussion of the effective use of colour in graphic design.