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Basic English at Work - PART 2

Video Description

Do you need to improve your English at work?

Here is a basic structured program designed by Psychologist Eve Ash and Linguistics Expert Dr Fran Byrnes to help you speak and understand English at work. These are the next 10 programs in this funny series featuring the CUTTING EDGE COMEDY TEAM. These programs cover basic language functions, grammar, everyday expressions, vocabulary, tips and speaking practice. Watch, learn and improve your English.

Table of Contents

  1. 11: Asking for help 00:16:01
  2. 12: How do you feel? 00:17:38
  3. 13: Let's go 00:15:59
  4. 14: How was your week? 00:17:52
  5. 15: Comparing 00:16:53
  6. 16: Do you like them? 00:17:04
  7. 17: Be careful 00:18:59
  8. 18: Chatting 00:18:41
  9. 19: Can I help? 00:17:27
  10. 20: What are you going to do? 00:16:45