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Basecamp® for Beginners: Managing Projects and Keeping Track of Details

Book Description

In today's busy workplace, staying on top of large projects, particularly those involving a number of team members, can be a challenge. While web-based project-management products have been around for a while, few have captured the enthusiasm and loyalty that Basecamp enjoys--and for good reason. Basecamp is a simple, powerful, and popular tool for online work collaboration that is used successfully by millions worldwide to stay organized and to reduce the typical insanity and chaos that sprawling projects can cause. If it's time for you and your team to get organized, BASECAMP FOR BEGINNERS will show you how. Starting with the basics, the book proceeds step-by-step to uncover all the essentials of using Basecamp, including setting up an account, managing conversations and collaborators, setting milestones, handling multiple projects, time tracking, and more. Get your work and your team on track with BASECAMP FOR BEGINNERS.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. Contents
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1 Why Bother? How Keeping Track of Details Will Make Your Life Easier
    1. How Tracking Details Will Help You Succeed
    2. How Basecamp Frees Up Time So You Can Have Fun
    3. How to Keep from Being Overwhelmed by Zombies
    4. What Happens When You Follow Through: All Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True
    5. Q: Why Basecamp? A: Millions Have Found It Helpful
    6. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    7. Conclusion
  10. Chapter 2 Introduction to Basecamp: Features and Advantages
    1. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Basecamp
    2. Basecamp Tour
      1. Other Products from 37signals
    3. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    4. Conclusion
  11. Chapter 3 Simple Alternatives to Basecamp
    1. Notepad/TextEdit
    2. NoteTab Light
    3. Google Docs/Tasks
    4. Excel
    5. Charting Progress
    6. Waah Waah, Boo Hoo, Yawn; This Is Boring, and I Want My Xbox/iPhone
    7. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    8. Conclusion
  12. Chapter 4 Creating a New Basecamp Account
    1. Starting an Account
    2. Exploring Basecamp
    3. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    4. Conclusion
  13. Chapter 5 Super Basic Project Management with Basecamp To-Dos
    1. Categories of To-Dos
    2. To-Dos as Project Development
    3. The ADDIE Approach
    4. Nuts and Bolts: Creating a Project and Adding To-Dos
    5. Basic To-Do Functions: Rearrange, Delete, Edit
    6. Accessing/Discussing a To-Do Item
    7. Due Dates
    8. Filtering and Reordering Lists
    9. Viewing To-Dos on the Calendar
    10. Classroom/Personal Exercise: Creating To-Do Lists
    11. Classroom/Personal Exercise: Prioritizing To-Dos
    12. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    13. Conclusion
  14. Chapter 6 Managing People: Inviting Collaborators
    1. Adding People to Your Project
    2. Adjusting Permissions
    3. Deleting Collaborators
    4. Managing Expectations
    5. Profile Image Fun: PicResize.com
    6. Creating Companies
    7. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    8. Conclusion
  15. Chapter 7 Managing Conversations
    1. Starting a Discussion
    2. Notification
    3. Participating in a Discussion
    4. Editing/Deleting Comments and Discussions
    5. The Move Feature
    6. Cross-Pollination: The Power of Collaboration
    7. The Most Awesome Feature in Any Program, Ever
    8. Comment-Based Discussion
    9. Commenting on Text Documents
    10. Breaking Gridlock, Unlocking Paralysis, Setting Things in Motion
    11. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    12. Conclusion
  16. Chapter 8 Time Travel with Basecamp: Using Dates and the Calendar
    1. Estimation Versus Allocation
    2. Internal Estimation
    3. Creating Events on the General Calendar
    4. Using Events as Milestones
    5. Assigning Due Dates to To-Do Items
    6. The Most Exciting Thing in This Book: Project Management = Telecommuting
    7. Classroom/Personal Exercise: Estimate/Evaluate
    8. Classroom/Personal Exercise: Check In/Touch Base
    9. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    10. Conclusion
  17. Chapter 9 Working with Text Documents
    1. Creating and Editing Text Documents
    2. Working Around Export
    3. Discussing Documents
    4. Deleting Text
    5. Moving Text
    6. Comparing Text Documents in Basecamp to Google Docs
    7. Classroom/Personal Exercise: Google/Basecamp Challenge
    8. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    9. Conclusion
  18. Chapter 10 Working with Files
    1. Uploading Files
    2. Accessing and Managing Files
    3. Moving and Deleting Files
    4. Discussing Files
    5. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    6. Conclusion
  19. Chapter 11 Advanced Project Tasks
    1. Check Boxes and Completed Items
    2. Pros/Cons of Check Boxes
    3. Classroom/Personal Exercise: Brainstorming and Setting Ideas in Motion
    4. Recovering Deleted Items from the Trash
    5. Using Multiple Projects Views
    6. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    7. Conclusion
  20. Chapter 12 Extra Fun
    1. Commenting on To-Do Lists
    2. Emailing Content to Basecamp Projects
    3. RSS: Subscribing to a Project
    4. Nourish: Getting an Email of RSS Activity
    5. Accessing Support
    6. Signing Up for the Email Newsletter
    7. Checking Out New Features
    8. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    9. Conclusion
  21. Chapter 13 Going Mobile
    1. Accessing Basecamp
    2. Connecting Calendars
    3. Removing the Calendar
    4. Other Mobile Options, Including Email
    5. Classroom/Personal Exercise: Mobile Jamboree/Email Test
    6. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    7. Conclusion
  22. Chapter 14 Connecting Basecamp to a Calendar
    1. Accessing the Webcal Link
    2. Subscribing to the Calendar in Google Calendar
    3. Removing the Subscription
    4. Basecamp > Outlook
    5. Personal/Classroom Exercise: Reminders
    6. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    7. Conclusion
  23. Chapter 15 Managing Contacts and Follow-Up with a Free HighriseAccount
    1. Q: What the Heck Is CRM? A: A Tool for Following Up
    2. Exploring Highrise
    3. Taking a Tour
    4. Why Highrise?
    5. Plans and Pricing: Starting a Free Account
    6. Personal/Classroom Exercise: Business Card Party
    7. Accessing Highrise
    8. Trying Things Out
    9. Adding a Contact
    10. The Art of Following Up
    11. Cases
    12. Deals
    13. Personal/Classroom Exercise: Add a Contact and Follow Up
    14. Going Mobile
    15. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    16. Conclusion
  24. Chapter 16 Exploring Group Chat with a Free Campfire Account
    1. Personal/Classroom Exercise: Feedback
    2. Taking a Look at Campfire
    3. Trying Campfire
    4. Comparing Campfire to Skype
    5. Less Interruption + Remote Collaboration = Telecommuting
    6. Going Mobile/Campfire Extras
    7. Questions for Consideration/Discussion
    8. Conclusion
    9. A Final Invitation
  25. Appendix A Answers to Questions for Consideration/Discussion
  26. Appendix B More Cool Stuff
  27. Index