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Automating ActionScript Projects with Eclipse and Ant

Book Description

In this book we will guide Actionscript developers through the process of using ANT and setting up the ultimate developer workflow. Whether you are using FDT or Flashbuilder to develop, both are based on the Eclipse IDE. The power of this IDE lies in its extendability and plugins. You will learn how to install and set up a versioning repository in Git or SVN and use it straight from Eclipse, how to use Mylyn to connect to your favorite bug/issue tracker (Google Code, JIRA, Mantis), and how to manage your open issues. We will teach you how to leverage the power of Apache's ANT to automatically compile, debug, and deploy your work to an FTP server, networkshare, or webserver. But also use ANT to do everyday tasks like automatically creating documentation, zipping, and emailing your clients notifying them for a new release. Other topics this book covers is integration with Growl and compiling to Android and iPhone/iPad.