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Audio Content Security

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Audio watermarking is used to add related information to the audio content to protect copyright and content security. Audio watermarking has been relatively overlooked in comparison to other types of watermarking. There have been many studies on proposed audio watermarking methods and improving previous methods. However, there is no work that focuses on different genres of music and their reaction to a similar watermarking system.

Audio Content Security describes research using a common audio watermarking method for four different genres of music, and the results of running many attacks to determine the robustness of the watermarking in the face of those attacks. The results of this study can be used for further studies and to establish the need to have a particular way of audio watermarking for each particular group of songs because they have different characteristics. The other aspect of this study is to test and analyze two parameters of audio host file and watermark on a specific evaluation method (PSNR) for audio watermarking.