Cover image for Attract Visitors to Your Site: The Mini Missing Manual

Book Description

If your site doesn't attract both new visitors and return guests, it's doomed to the dust heap of the Internet. This clear, jargon-free guide helps you attract and keep visitors with surefire techniques and tools that tell you what works-and what doesn't.

Table of Contents

  1. Attract VisitorsTo Your Site
    1. Your Website Promotion Plan
    2. Spreading the Word
      1. Reciprocal Links
      2. Web Rings
      3. Shameless Self-Promotion
      4. Return Visitors
    3. Adding Meta Elements
      1. The Description Meta Element
      2. The Keyword Meta Element
    4. Directories and Search Engines
      1. Directories
      2. Search Engines
    5. Tracking Visitors
      1. Understanding Google Analytics
      2. Signing Up for Google Analytics
      3. Examining Your Web Traffic