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All I Really Need to Know in Business I Learned at Microsoft

Book Description

"…an amazing quilt of insights about one of the greatest business organizations ever!" —Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE

How did Microsoft go from small company to global force? Veteran Microsoft manager Julie Weed takes you behind the scenes at one of the world's most successful companies to share the invaluable lessons she learned there when the company was young.

Engaging and easy to read, this insider's guide to Microsoft's original strategies gives tips to improve all dimensions of professional life, from managing your career and managing a team all the way to managing your own business. These tips will help you put your career in high gear, no matter the industry, and offer the kind of down-to-earth sensibility that's missing from business primers. With humor and insight, Weed reveals what she learned from her teammates, her competitors, and her mistakes, pairing every piece of advice with glimpses into the day-to-day operations at Microsoft.

In the new age of lean startups and tech-driven entrepreneurship, Julie Weed’s experiences at a young Microsoft make for required reading.

Table of Contents

  1. All I Really Need to Know in Business I Learned at Microsoft
  2. Copyright
  3. Dedication
  4. Introduction
  5. 1. All I Really Need to Know About Running a Business I Learned at Microsoft
    1. Setting Up to Play
      1. Lesson 1: Eat Your Own Dog Food But Don’t Believe Your Own Press Releases
      2. Lesson 2: Examine Your Mistakes
      3. Lesson 3: Let People Fail
      4. Lesson 4: Sometimes Tankers Can Look Like Speedboats
      5. Lesson 5: Let Your Employees Hear Your Customers
      6. Lesson 6: Don’t Bet Against Your Own Team’s Creativity
      7. Lesson 7: Tailor Your Message to Your Customer
      8. Lesson 8: Every Process Can Be Improved
      9. Lesson 9: Stay Small
      10. Lesson 10: Act Like a Leader
    2. Winning the Game
      1. Lesson 1: If You Can’t Win–Change the Rules
      2. Lesson 2: Think Three Moves Ahead
      3. Lesson 3: Hit ’em Where They Ain’t
      4. Lesson 4: You Can Change Your Image
      5. Lesson 5: Win-Win Deals: What They Care About and What You Care About
      6. Lesson 6: Try It Out in the Real World
      7. Lesson 7: Make Big Bets
      8. Lesson 8: Big Events Make Good Deadlines
      9. Lesson 9: Give Your Employees a Piece of the Pie
  6. 2. All I Really Need to Know to Do My Job Well I Learned at Microsoft
    1. Becoming an Expert
      1. Lesson 1: The Elevator Test
      2. Lesson 2: Know Who Your Customers Are and Who Just Isn’t One Yet
      3. Lesson 3: The SWOT Team
      4. Lesson 4: Know the Business Inside and Out
      5. Lesson 5: Know the Questions Your Boss is Going to Ask
      6. Lesson 6: Make Decisions As If You Owned the Company
    2. Getting the Job Done
      1. Lesson 1: Work Smart—Not Long
      2. Lesson 2: “I Don’t Know” Is Okay, Especially Coupled With “I’ll Find Out”
      3. Lesson 3: Humor Can Get You Out of Sticky Times
      4. Lesson 4: Real Employees Do Eat Lunch
      5. Lesson 5: Creativity Is Not a One-Man Job
      6. Lesson 6: If You’re Going to Drop the Ball, Arrange for Someone to Catch It
      7. Lesson 7: Their Experience Vs. Your Instinct
      8. Lesson 8: Work Faux Pas
    3. Managing Your Manager
      1. Lesson 1: Make Your Boss Look Good
      2. Lesson 2: Don’t Waste Your Boss’s Time
      3. Lesson 3: Bring Solutions, Not Problems
      4. Lesson 4: Prepare Your Manager for Bad News Early
      5. Lesson 5: See How Your Boss Works and What (S)he Needs
      6. Lesson 6: Let ’em Know How They’re Doing
      7. Lesson 7: Give Your Boss Two Chances
      8. Lesson 8: If You Bail Out from a Bad Boss
      9. Lesson 9: Don’t Burn Bridges
  7. 3. All I Really Need to Know to Be a Good Boss I Learned at Microsoft
    1. Leading
      1. Lesson 1: Communicate the Strategy
      2. Lesson 2: Give Your Team Time
      3. Lesson 3: Give Your Team a Hill to Climb
      4. Lesson 4: Give Credit
      5. Lesson 5: And Take Blame
      6. Lesson 6: Act the Way You Want Your Team to Act
      7. Lesson 7: Send Your Team in to Bill Gates
      8. Lesson 8: Prepare a Class of Successes, Not a Successor
    2. Getting Through Rough Spots
      1. Lesson 1: It’s Almost Never as Bad as You Think It Is
      2. Lesson 2: Stay Flexible—Your Job May Change Completely in Six Months
      3. Lesson 3: Be the Designated Jerk for Your Team
      4. Lesson 4: Beneath You? Not Beneath the Results
    3. A Good Boss Gets the Best Team
      1. Lesson 1: Manage Your Team One Person at a Time
      2. Lesson 2: Mentor Your Team
      3. Lesson 3: Friend Vs. Boss
      4. Lesson 4: No Surprises at Review Time
      5. Lesson 5: Hire Smart and Don’t Rush
      6. Lesson 6: Keep the Atmosphere Fun
  8. 4. All I Really Need to Know About Communication I Learned at Microsoft
    1. Words
      1. Lesson 1: Your Style
      2. Lesson 2: What Did That Question Really Mean
      3. Lesson 3: Details Imply Truth
      4. Lesson 4: Presenting Vs. Selling
      5. Lesson 5: Praise Publicly, Chastise Privately
      6. Lesson 6: Give Actionable Feedback
      7. Lesson 7: There’s Always One More Person Who Needs to Know
      8. Lesson 8: Why Publish?
    2. Meetings
      1. Lesson 1: Do You Really Need to Go to the Meeting? And Once There, Must You Stay?
      2. Lesson 2: Discuss the Analysis, Don’t Present the Data
      3. Lesson 3: Solve Controversial Issues in Advance
      4. Lesson 4: Running the Meeting
      5. Lesson 5: Attendance Tricks
    3. E-mail
      1. Lesson 1: Know Your E-mail Commands
      2. Lesson 2: Look Closely at the Recipient’s Name You Just Typed
      3. Lesson 3: E-mail Has No Social Skills
      4. Lesson 4: Watch Out for E-mail Forgery
  9. 5. All I Really Need to Know About Managing My Career I Learned at Microsoft
    1. Getting the Job You Want
      1. Lesson 1: Know Yourself Before You Choose Your Job
      2. Lesson 2: No One Cares More About Your Career Than You
      3. Lesson 3: Fix Your Sights on the Corral, Not a Fence Post
      4. Lesson 4: Sometimes the Frog Job Can Make You a Prince
      5. Lesson 5: Figure Out What You’d Do in the Job—Before the Interview
      6. Lesson 6: Bring Ammunition to Your Job Interview
      7. Lesson 7: Keep Your One-Page Résumé Up to Date
      8. Lesson 8: Decide the Three Messages or Attributes You Want to Convey
      9. Lesson 9: “If You Were a Small Animal, How Small Would You Be?”
    2. Staying On Track
      1. Lesson 1: A Career Is a Long Time
      2. Lesson 2: Have Your Own Personal Board of Directors
      3. Lesson 3: The 360-Degree Review
      4. Lesson 4: Think Two Jobs Ahead
      5. Lesson 5: Keep It In Perspective
      6. Lesson 6: There Is No “Enemy Within”
      7. Lesson 7: Ten Ways to Balance Work and Life
  10. Acknowledgments
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