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Adobe® FrameMaker® 11 Classroom in a Book®, First Edition

Book Description

FrameMaker, which is at the core of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite, has long been the gold standard for writing, illustrating, and laying out technical documentation in print. With new features like support for rich media objects and powerful PDF export, FrameMaker excels at authoring online documents as well. This Classroom in a Book begins with a survey of the fundamentals of FrameMaker 11: setting up master pages, styling paragraphs, defining colors, placing graphics, creating tables, adding captions, cross-references, footnotes, and hyperlinks. Later chapters cover long-document features, such as tables of contents and indexes. Creating conditional text documents and preparing content for output to print or to screen (PDF or HTML), working with Unicode (for handling foreign languages), and using DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) to structure documents using XML, round out the coverage.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. EBook Readers: Find Your Lesson Files
  4. Contents
  5. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Installing FrameMaker 11
    4. Downloading the lesson files
    5. How to use the lessons
    6. Keyboard shortcuts in FrameMaker 11
    7. Additional resources
    8. Adobe certification
  6. 1. Exploring FrameMaker 11
    1. Getting started
    2. Exploring the document window
    3. Setting up a workspace
    4. Applying predefined paragraph formats
    5. Applying predefined character formats
    6. Writing a short memo
    7. Review questions
    8. Review answers
  7. 2. Defining Paragraph Formatting
    1. Creating a custom document
    2. Displaying the Paragraph Designer
    3. Formatting headings
    4. Working with bullet lists
    5. Creating numbered lists
    6. Creating a chapter title
    7. Review questions
    8. Review answers
  8. 3. Defining Colors and Character Formats
    1. Defining custom colors and tints
    2. Adding color to paragraph formats
    3. Emphasizing words and phrases
    4. Adding color to autonumbers
    5. Review questions
    6. Review answers
  9. 4. Page Layout
    1. Changing column layout
    2. Displaying master pages
    3. Numbering pages
    4. Creating a running footer
    5. Finishing the footers
    6. Custom master pages
    7. Assigning master pages to paragraph tags
    8. Review questions
    9. Review answers
  10. 5. Graphics
    1. Adjusting header and footer frames for graphics
    2. Importing a graphic
    3. Masking part of a graphic
    4. Copying the header graphics
    5. Drawing lines and rectangles
    6. Aligning multiple objects
    7. Copying the footer graphics
    8. Review questions
    9. Review answers
  11. 6. Document Editing
    1. Viewing the document
    2. Turning off the display of graphics
    3. Defining a user variable
    4. Inserting variables
    5. Finding and changing text
    6. Changing a variable definition
    7. Using the Thesaurus
    8. Checking spelling
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  12. 7. Tables
    1. Inserting a table
    2. Filling in the table
    3. Adding rows and columns
    4. Rearranging information
    5. Formatting text in table cells
    6. Resizing columns
    7. Changing the table format
    8. Straddling table cells
    9. Reusing a table format
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  13. 8. Customizing Tables
    1. Viewing a sample table
    2. Importing text into a table
    3. Formatting body cells
    4. Formatting the table title
    5. Setting basic table properties
    6. Resizing columns
    7. Using tabs in table cells
    8. Defining ruling styles
    9. Setting table ruling
    10. Using custom ruling and shading
    11. Review questions
    12. Review answers
  14. 9. Anchored Frames and Graphics
    1. Editing text containing anchored frames
    2. Importing a graphic
    3. Importing a second graphic
    4. Anchoring graphics in the column
    5. Using art in the margin
    6. Creating an object style
    7. Using inline graphics
    8. Reusing anchored frames
    9. Using run-in art
    10. Creating a drop cap
    11. Using rich media in technical documents
    12. Review questions
    13. Review answers
  15. 10. Cross-References and Footnotes
    1. Inserting a paragraph cross-reference
    2. Displaying the source of a cross-reference
    3. Inserting an external cross-reference
    4. Creating a cross-reference format
    5. Using the new cross-reference format
    6. Inserting a spot cross-reference
    7. Resolving cross-references
    8. Inserting footnotes
    9. Changing how footnotes look
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  16. 11. Books and Tables of Contents
    1. Viewing the finished book file
    2. Creating a book file
    3. Adding documents to the book
    4. Opening files from the book window
    5. Adding a table of contents
    6. Generating the table of contents
    7. Setting up chapter numbering
    8. Fixing the pagination
    9. Changing the layout
    10. Adding a title
    11. Formatting the entries
    12. Changing the contents of entries
    13. Review questions
    14. Review answers
  17. 12. Indexes
    1. Adding an index to the book
    2. Changing the layout
    3. Adding a title
    4. Updating the page footer
    5. Formatting the entries
    6. Formatting page numbers
    7. Fixing bad line breaks
    8. Adding index entries
    9. Editing index entries
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  18. 13. Conditional Text
    1. Viewing conditional text
    2. Setting up your document
    3. Creating condition tags
    4. Adding conditional text
    5. Tagging text as you type
    6. Adding a conditional graphic
    7. Adding conditional table rows
    8. Saving versions of a conditional document
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  19. 14. Hypertext and PDF
    1. Creating a hypertext TOC and index
    2. Using cross-references as hypertext links
    3. Testing hypertext links
    4. Adding navigation buttons
    5. Saving as PDF
    6. Review questions
    7. Review answers
  20. 15. HTML and Web Publishing
    1. Viewing the finished document
    2. Saving as HTML
    3. Viewing the results in a Web browser
    4. Refining the mappings
    5. Specifying a graphic format
    6. Adding hypertext links
    7. Splitting the document into multiple Web pages
    8. Seeing the results in HTML
    9. Advanced topics
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  21. Index
  22. Where are the Lesson Files?