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90 Days to Success in Grant Writing

Book Description

With ever-increasing competition among organizations for donor dollars, developing fundraising skills is the key to survival and success in today's not-for-profit environment. "90 Days to Success in Grant Writing" is designed to guide novice grant proposal writers step by step through the basic skills, techniques, and thought processes of a highly successful grant writer. Discover the research and cultivation strategies that lay the groundwork for successful grant applications. Follow the processes of outlining, writing, submitting, and reporting on a variety of typical grant proposals. "90 Days to Success in Grant Writing" provides an informative and entertaining read while presenting tools, resources, examples, and thought-provoking concepts in a manner that new grant writers can implement right away to ensure success on the job.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. About the Authors
  3. About the Technical Editors
  4. 1. Getting Started as a Grant Writer
    1. Where Do Grant Writers Come From?
      1. A Variety of Backgrounds
      2. A Highly Transferable Skill Set
    2. Who Is This Book Intended to Help?
      1. Jobseekers with Good Writing Skills
      2. Experts Who Lack Writing Experience
      3. Educators Interested in Career Advancement
      4. Individual Grant Seekers
    3. Where Are Grant-Writing Positions Found?
      1. Colleges and Universities
      2. Hospitals and Clinics
      3. Sponsored Research Offices
      4. The Nonprofit World
      5. Local Government and Tribal Entities
  5. 2. Finding and Securing a Grant-Writing Position
    1. Searching for a Position
      1. Online Search Engines
      2. Developing Online Search Methods
      3. Sites Oriented to the Nonprofit World
      4. The Chronicle of Philanthropy (philanthropy.com)
      5. The Chronicle of Higher Education (chronicle.com)
      6. Idealist.org
      7. Association of Fundraising Professionals (afpnet.org)
      8. HigherEdJobs.com
      9. Foundation Center
      10. Create a Favorites Folder for Job Search Links
      11. Networking
    2. Applying for a Position
      1. Communicating with Your References
      2. Making a Good Impression
      3. Crafting a Resume
      4. Writing Your Cover Letter
    3. Preparing for Interviews
      1. Interview Formats
      2. Writing Samples
    4. 90-Day Checklist for Finding and Securing a Grant-Writing Position
  6. 3. Expertise
    1. Knowledge of Your Subject Area
    2. Knowledge of Your Organization and Its Needs
      1. Sources of Institutional Knowledge
      2. Long-Range Planning Processes
      3. Public or Media Relations Information
    3. Identifying Needs
      1. Restricted and Unrestricted Support
      2. New Program and New Project Support
    4. 90-Day Checklist for Developing Expertise
  7. 4. Research
    1. What Is Grants Research?
      1. Internal Research
      2. Research on Past Support (Quantifiable Data)
      3. Research on Relationships (Qualitative Data)
      4. Researching the Competition
    2. Researching Foundation Support
      1. Foundations and the Public Good
      2. Building Background Knowledge about Foundations
      3. Categorizing Foundations
      4. National Foundations
      5. Regional and Local Foundations
      6. Family Foundations
      7. Community Foundations
      8. Non-Grant-Making Foundations
    3. Finding IRS Form 990-PF
      1. Using the 990 Finder
      2. Analyzing IRS Form 990-PF
      3. Foundation Publications
    4. Researching Corporate Support
      1. The Culture of Corporate Philanthropy
      2. Understanding Corporate Philanthropy and Grant Making
      3. Building Your Knowledge about Corporations
      4. Identifying Corporations for Research
      5. Researching Corporate Foundations
      6. Researching Corporate Giving Programs
    5. Grant-Seeking Resources
      1. Conferences and Workshops
    6. Managing Grants Research
      1. Developing Grants Research Priorities
      2. Managing Grant Opportunity Files
      3. Using Spreadsheets and Databases to Manage Research into Grant Opportunities
    7. Presenting Grants Research Internally
      1. Developing Internal Reports
    8. Your 90-Day Grants Research Checklist
  8. 5. Managing Relationships
    1. Relationships with Colleagues
      1. Getting Off to a Good Start
      2. Outreach Beyond Your Immediate Circle
    2. Relationships with Grant Makers
      1. Cultivation Strategies
      2. Do Your Research First
      3. Communicating by Letter, Phone, and Email
      4. Making Personal Visits
      5. Coordinating Visits for Others
      6. Documenting Contacts with Grant Makers
      7. Hosting Grant Makers
    3. Managing Team-Driven Proposals
    4. Developing a Mentoring Plan
    5. Your 90-Day Checklist for Managing Relationships
  9. 6. Writing
    1. Words
    2. Sentences
    3. Paragraphs
    4. The Writing Process
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Organizing
      3. Drafting
      4. Editing
      5. Proofreading
      6. Peer Review
    5. Writing Purposes
      1. Writing to Inform
      2. Writing to Persuade
    6. Connecting with Your Audience
      1. Who Will Read Your Grant Proposal?
    7. References
    8. Your 90-Day Writing Skills Checklist
  10. 7. Organizing Information
    1. Organizing Information to Make a Case
      1. Developing a Proposal Outline
      2. Thinking in Sections
    2. Introductory and Summary Sections
      1. Executive Summary
      2. Abstract
      3. Background
    3. The Body of the Proposal
      1. Statement of Need
      2. Project Description
      3. Goals and Objectives
      4. Project Narrative or Implementation
      5. Dissemination Plan
      6. Sustainability
      7. Replication
      8. Evaluation
      9. Budgetary Information
      10. Appendices and Attachments
    4. Organizing the Submission Process
      1. Pre-Proposal Stage Clearance
      2. Clearing Submissions Internally
      3. Developing a Proposal Submission Calendar
      4. Outlining the Proposal Submission Process
    5. 90-Day Proposal Organization Checklist
  11. 8. Queries and Short Proposals
    1. Query Letters
      1. Determining the Author and Recipient
      2. Elements of a Query Letter
      3. Potential Next Steps
    2. Other Letters Seeking Support
      1. Cover Letters
      2. One-Page Letter Proposals
    3. Concept Papers
      1. When and When Not to Use a Concept Paper
    4. 90-Day Checklist for Writing Queries, Letters, and Concept Papers
  12. 9. Proposals for Projects, Programs, or Bricks and Mortar
    1. Proposals for Projects or Programs
      1. Every Proposal Has a Story
    2. Project Proposal Scenario: Human Services Staff Development
      1. Cultivating a Grant Opportunity
      2. Outlining and Drafting the Proposal
    3. Project Proposal Scenario: Education Program Development
      1. A Need for External Funding
      2. Cultivating an Opportunity for a Proposal
    4. Project Proposal Scenario: Library
      1. Matching Need with Grant Opportunity
      2. Drafting and Sending the Proposal
    5. Bricks and Mortar Proposals
    6. Bricks and Mortar Proposal Scenario: Renovation of an Athletic Training Facility
      1. A New Proposal Opportunity
      2. Outlining Your Proposal
      3. From First Draft to Final Draft
    7. Bricks and Mortar Proposal Scenario: Renovation of the College Union
      1. Cultivating a Grant Opportunity
      2. Outlining Your Proposal
      3. From First Draft to Final Draft
  13. 10. Proposals for Endowment Support
    1. Proposals for Endowment Support
      1. What Is Endowment?
      2. Learning about Your Organization’s Endowment
    2. Endowment Proposal Scenario: Endowed Lecture Series
      1. Cultivating a Grant Opportunity
      2. Outlining and Drafting Your Proposal
    3. Endowment Proposal Scenario: Endowed Chair
      1. An Opportunity Arises for an Endowment Proposal
      2. From Opportunity to Outline
      3. From Outline to Proposal
      4. Finishing a Final Draft
  14. 11. Federal Grants
    1. An Introduction to the World of Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements
    2. Finding a Federal Grant
      1. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
      2. Agency Program Announcements
      3. Federal Register
    3. Know Your Regulations
      1. Cost Principles
      2. Administrative Requirements
    4. Building the Application
    5. Federal Grants Accountability
      1. Preparing for a Successful Audit
      2. Maintenance of Records
    6. Your 90-Day Checklist for Federal Grants
  15. 12. Managing Grant Awards
    1. Managing Successful Proposals
      1. Acknowledgement Letters
      2. Managing Rejection Among Colleagues, Staff, and Volunteers
    2. Publicizing Grant Awards
      1. Working with Public Information Staff
      2. Writing and Distributing Press Releases
      3. Internal Releases on Grant Awards
    3. Managing Grant Reports
      1. Tracking Reports
      2. Project Implementation
      3. Using Interim Reports for Cultivation
      4. Preparing Final Reports
      5. Reporting for Challenge Grants
    4. Your 90-Day Checklist for Managing Grant Awards
  16. 13. Tracking Your Successes
    1. CRM and xRM
    2. What Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
      1. Why Would a Grant Writer Use CRM?
      2. What Can a Grant Writer Do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
      3. How Can Microsoft Dynamics CRM Be Used to Document Productivity?