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88 Essential Secrets

Book Description

88 Essential Secrets is packed with many great ideas and insights to help you succeed at work, and written by experts who research, speak and train on all aspects of personal and career development.How can I become an even greater leader? How can I further build my brand and my business? How can I speak with more confidence and credibility? How can I increase my focus on my goals? How can I build even stronger relationships? How can I deliver a pitch that really packs a punch? You'll find answers to all these questions and many more inside this book — from mastering influential networking to writing effective emails, from increasing productivity to improving your professional image, and from improving decision making and creative thinking to increasing success with social media.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction by Editor
  6. About APSS — Asia Professional Speakers (Singapore)
  7. Part 1: Motivation and Promotion
    1. Section 1: Your Success and Motivation
      1. Chapter 1 Becoming a runaway success by Thaddeus Lawrence
        1. Secret 1 Life is an ultra endurance race
        2. Secret 2 It’s not how fast but how far you go
        3. Secret 3 It’s not just about practising, it’s about the practice
        4. Secret 4 When the tough get going, the going gets tough
      2. Chapter 2 Creating a highly motivated life by Kenneth Kwan
        1. Secret 5 It’s what you say to yourself that counts
        2. Secret 6 Motivation starts from within
        3. Secret 7 Success comes from doing the right things
        4. Secret 8 To stay motivated, you must take charge and stay in control
      3. Chapter 3 How to be a success magnet by Christian Chua
        1. Secret 9 Your first impression opens and closes doors of opportunities
        2. Secret 10 Your success is directly proportionate to your likeability
        3. Secret 11 Being recommended is the most effective marketing tool
        4. Secret 12 Invest in friendship and you will yield great returns
    2. Section 2: Branding and Promoting You
      1. Chapter 4 Your professional image toolbox by Pang Li Kin
        1. Secret 13 It’s what’s inside that counts
        2. Secret 14 Your packaging is the first thing people notice
        3. Secret 15 Your sound reflects your true value
        4. Secret 16 Your behaviour seals the impression you make on others
      2. Chapter 5 Brand yourself, build your business by Pamela Wigglesworth
        1. Secret 17 You will sell more to consumers when you develop a brand perception
        2. Secret 18 You will gain more business when you develop a Unique Selling Proposition answering your consumer’s wants and needs
        3. Secret 19 Your brand will grow when you identify your true niche and target audience
        4. Secret 20 Great brand positioning will help you to sell to the right marketplace at the right price
      3. Chapter 6 Promoting yourself through technology by Sharon Connolly
        1. Secret 21 The more active you are on social media, the more opportunities you will get
        2. Secret 22 To build customer relationships you need online marketing
        3. Secret 23 You must become your own Google search engine specialist
        4. Secret 24 If you want to get noticed and remembered online, you need a great visual identity
      4. Chapter 7 Mastering the art of media pitching by Andrew Chow
        1. Secret 25 Publicity begins with your key message
        2. Secret 26 Position yourself as an information resource centre to the media
        3. Secret 27 Be prepared to be in the limelight
        4. Secret 28 Manage your press conference like a party
  8. Part 2: Speech, Language and Communication
    1. Section 3: Your Speech and Language
      1. Chapter 8 Voice of a leader by Deborah Torres Patel
        1. Secret 29 Highest energy always wins
        2. Secret 30 When it comes to vocal power, easy does it
        3. Secret 31 Adding life to your words will bring your words to life
        4. Secret 32 Your attitude and actions speak much louder than words
      2. Chapter 9 Get ahead with global English by Heather Hansen
        1. Secret 33 No one owns the English language
        2. Secret 34 Native and non-native English speakers hear English differently
        3. Secret 35 There are only three areas of speech that really matter
        4. Secret 36 Improving your speech can be fun and fulfilling
    2. Section 4: Your Communication and Interpersonal Skills
      1. Chapter 10 Building great relationships by Shirley Taylor
        1. Secret 37 Comfortable communication equals better relationships
        2. Secret 38 Successful people build a foundation for success on great relationships
        3. Secret 39 To earn trust and confidence, you need to write well
        4. Secret 40 If you can say it, you can write it
      2. Chapter 11 Communication in four dimensions by Elisabetta Franzoso
        1. Secret 41 When you activate your body, you activate your mind
        2. Secret 42 Minding your intellect will shape your health and relationships
        3. Secret 43 When you manage your emotions, your well-being is assured
        4. Secret 44 When physical, intellectual and emotional dimensions are active, communication with yourself and others is effective
      3. Chapter 12 Influential networking by Karen Leong
        1. Secret 45 Playing the host at any event expands your influence
        2. Secret 46 Being approachable can increase your results
        3. Secret 47 Being interested in others will make you more interesting
        4. Secret 48 You must nurture your network before you need it
  9. Part 3: Influence and Sales
    1. Section 5: Speaking to Influence, Persuade and Win
      1. Chapter 13 Speaking to influence and win by Eric Feng
        1. Secret 49 People buy people first
        2. Secret 50 People only take action when you make them care enough
        3. Secret 51 The key to influence is not to talk, but listen
        4. Secret 52 Facts tell, but stories sell
      2. Chapter 14 Persuading with power by David Goldwich
        1. Secret 53 Whoever frames the question wins
        2. Secret 54 Using a phrase that pays will make your message stick
        3. Secret 55 You can use numbers, statistics and graphs to persuade
        4. Secret 56 Stories are more persuasive than logic
    2. Section 6: Selling and Winning Business
      1. Chapter 15 Pitching perfectly to win business by Tina Altieri
        1. Secret 57 If you pitch with precision, your aim will be successful
        2. Secret 58 With careful preparation, you can have your audience in the palm of your hand
        3. Secret 59 To make the greatest impact, you must choose your words carefully
        4. Secret 60 There is no ultimate secret to a winning presentation! Simply aim for connection, not perfection
      2. Chapter 16 Perform better, sell more, earn more by Rob Salisbury
        1. Secret 61 Your personal effectiveness is the key to higher earnings
        2. Secret 62 To win more business, you must adopt high performance selling habits
        3. Secret 63 If you want to earn more, you must learn well
        4. Secret 64 It takes discipline and commitment if you want to do well
  10. Part 4: Productivity and Leadership
    1. Section 7: Your Productivity, Decision-Making and Creativity
      1. Chapter 17 Increasing profitable productivity by Tim Wade
        1. Secret 65 You can improve productivity by 25% if you go to sleep
        2. Secret 66 You can improve productivity by 77% if you increase your accountability to others
        3. Secret 67 You can improve productivity by 10% if you tell everyone to improve by 10%
        4. Secret 68 You can improve productivity by 400% if you develop a Mindset of Victory
      2. Chapter 18 Dynamic decision-making by Tremaine Du Preez
        1. Secret 69 There is such a thing as too much information
        2. Secret 70 Emotions actually help us make better decisions
        3. Secret 71 A good creative strategy can help anyone have great ideas
        4. Secret 72 Getting out of your comfort zone can help you make great decisions
      3. Chapter 19 Jumpstart your creative potential by Titus Yong
        1. Secret 73 Creativity can be learnt and practised
        2. Secret 74 Internal motivation is the main driver for creative success
        3. Secret 75 A process approach can make creativity happen
        4. Secret 76 Your people networks are your greatest creative resource
    2. Section 8: Management, Leadership and Teamwork
      1. Chapter 20 The corporate jungle by Benjamin Cheng
        1. Secret 77 Getting to know your colleagues’ animal-like characteristics can help you at work
        2. Secret 78 For a healthy working environment, you need to have a balance of jungle and zoo
        3. Secret 79 Being likeable and popular is easy when you know how
        4. Secret 80 You need more than luck to go beyond survival to success
      2. Chapter 21 Timeless management by Bob Feldman
        1. Secret 81 Your best ideas do not come in the boardroom
        2. Secret 82 To become a mindful leader, you need to shape-shift
        3. Secret 83 Enhance your planning effectiveness by finding ‘islands of peace’
        4. Secret 84 Relaxation methods can increase personal and professional effectiveness
      3. Chapter 22 Maximising team performance by Ken Wong
        1. Secret 85 If you want to lead your team more, you need to manage them less
        2. Secret 86 We can learn from ineffective leaders too
        3. Secret 87 Be fair and constructive in managing performance 393
        4. Secret 88 Coaching employees is as simple as learning ABC