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4D Leadership

Book Description

There are three dimensions that exist in every moment of all our lives whether we realise it or not- Doing, Being and Relating. The fourth dimension is how developed or sophisticated we are in these three dimensions. Great leaders are four dimensional not one dimensional this enables them to Be more, Relate more effectively and Do a lot more in the world.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Coherence: The secret science of brilliant leadership
  5. Introduction
  6. PART ONE    The objective world of ‘doing’ (‘IT’)
    1. 01    The escalating leadership challenges in the VUCA world
      1. Business then compared to business now
      2. The swing to shareholder value
      3. Disastrous shift from real market return to expected future return
      4. Technological acceleration
      5. The risk and the opportunity in the VUCA environment
      6. Consequences of 1D emphasis on ‘IT’ dimension
      7. The responsibility virus
      8. ‘Buckeroo management’
    2. 02    Vertical development in the ‘IT’ dimension
      1. The performance curve
      2. Performance management is hampered by the mis-measurement of talent
      3. Common pitfalls in assessing leadership behaviour
      4. Vertical development of the behaviour line of development
      5. The 11 performance-driving behaviours
      6. Level of competency within the 11 behaviours
      7. Developing performance-driving behaviours and behavioural constructs
      8. Increasing effectiveness in the exterior world of ‘IT’
      9. Active pressure and polarity management
      10. Holacratic or effective governance
      11. Network analysis
      12. Action steps
  7. PART TWO    The subjective world of ‘being’
    1. 03    Vertical development of the ‘I’ dimension
      1. The integrated performance model
      2. Leadership is an inside job – the power of ‘I’
      3. The role of physiology on leadership
      4. Coherence as the vertical development springboard
      5. How to cultivate your interior world of ‘I’
      6. Physical skills
      7. Personal skills
      8. Identifying your purpose
      9. The appreciation skill
      10. Action steps
    2. 04    The untapped potential of adult maturity
      1. Identity and the disease of meaning
      2. The road to salvation: forget, distract or mature?
      3. Adult ego maturity
      4. Child to adult to mature adult
      5. The leadership maturity profile (LMP)
      6. Focus on what matters
      7. Action steps
  8. PART THREE    The inter-personal world of ‘relating’
    1. 05    Vertical development of the ‘WE’ dimension
      1. We are defined by our relationships
      2. Relationships are tough
      3. Spiral dynamics and the evolution of value systems
      4. Using spiral dynamics to better understand yourself and others
      5. How to cultivate the interpersonal world of ‘WE’
      6. The MAP skill
      7. Appreciation of others’ skill
      8. Action steps
    2. 06    The secret of successful relationships in the ‘WE’ dimension
      1. Perspective taking
      2. Ego maturity and perspective taking
      3. Why 2nd person perspective is so rare
      4. Getting into 2nd person perspective
      5. Leadership behaviours and perspective taking
      6. Team development
      7. Effective feedback
      8. Action steps
  9. Conclusion
  10. References
  11. Index
  12. Copyright