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2007 Microsoft® Office System and Your Windows®-Based PC: A Real-Life Guide to Getting More Done

Book Description

Get organized, get creative, and get more done—with the ultimate real-life guide to Microsoft Office and Windows Vista. Written by the editors and product testers at Windows Vista: The Official Magazine, this book focuses on practical, everyday scenarios and fast, reliable results. All in full color! 1. Get Started: From the five-minute guide to personalizing your desktop—to getting familiar with Office programs and features—you’ll find smart and simple tips to get up and running quickly. 2. Explore: Now that you know your way around, dig in—and take control of your day. Build brilliant documents. Create stunning slides and charts. Fix your own connectivity problems. Brand yourself. Blog. Sync and share files. Go wireless. Go mobile. 3. Do More: Get inspired—and go further—with imaginative projects for you, your family, and friends.

Table of Contents

  1. 2007 Microsoft® Office System and Your Windows®-Based PC: A Real-Life Guide to Getting More Done
  2. Introduction
    1. Get Started
    2. Explore
    3. Do More
  3. I. Get started
    1. 1. INTRODUCING...
      1. 12 reasons why you'll love Windows Vista
      2. 10 things you'll love about the 2007 Microsoft Office system
      1. Introducing Windows Vista
        1. The Get Started five-minute guide...
      2. The Welcome Center
      3. The Start menu and the Windows Sidebar
        1. Personal touch
      1. Exploring the 2007 Microsoft Office system
        1. Microsoft Office Word 2007
        2. Microsoft Office Excel 2007
        3. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  4. II. Explore
      1. The new way to keep in touch
        1. Get web mail on your desktop
      2. Fulfilling the role of divine messenger
        1. Eye-to-eye contact
      3. Keep in contact the easy way
        1. Create a contact list
        2. Get it together
    2. 5. NETWORKING
      1. Network choices
        1. Wired networking
        2. Wireless networking
        3. Powerline networking
      2. Solve network niggles
        1. Problem with surfing the web?
    3. 6. BUDGETING
      1. You can make a spreadsheet sparkle!
      2. Give your clients quality quotes
        1. You thought Excel was just for the office...
        2. Do quote me on that
      3. Chart toppers
        1. Get the chart right
        2. Creating a chart from scratch
      4. Financial control
        1. Office Accounting Express 2009
      1. Microsoft boosts its word power
      2. Turn your words into works of art
        1. Be Smart with your Art
      3. Style stamp
        1. Keep in touch, keep in style...
        2. Letterhead logo
      4. All publicity is good publicity
        1. Spread the word
      1. How to show off all your hard work
      2. Presentation is everything
        1. Powerful show
        2. Adding the extras
    6. 9. FORMATTING
      1. Take the frustration out of formatting
      1. Take control of your life!
      2. Organize your days with ease
        1. Learn the secrets of perfect planning
        2. Ultimate message management
      3. Keep up to date and on schedule
        1. Take control of your life
    8. 11. RESEARCH
      1. A noteworthy new edition
      2. Ensure you're top of the form
        1. The immaculate conversion
      3. Face the futureof data handling
        1. Databases can be cool
      4. Heads-up on the headlines
        1. Deal with your desktop digests
      5. Prime searching
        1. Using the search box
      6. Save time by using tags
        1. Let's play tag
    9. 12. BLOGGING
      1. Bluff your way in the world of blogging
        1. Spread the word
      2. Make your writing come alive the easy way
        1. Use Windows Live Writer to say anything
    10. 13. SECURITY
      1. Keeping your system safe and secure online
      2. Stop spyware with Windows Defender
        1. Windows Defender
      3. Prevent hackers with Windows Firewall
        1. Slamming the internet front door
      4. Set up your PC so it's safe for all the family
      5. Never lose a file or photo again
        1. Backing up your files
        2. Shadow Copy in action
    11. 14. MOBILITY
      1. Taking your PC out and about
        1. Introducing the Windows Mobility Center
      2. Save time on the move
        1. Setting up your mobile device
      3. Mobile media
      4. The wonder of wireless
        1. Drive in the sky
    12. 15. SYNC & SHARE
      1. Connect, share and update
        1. Connecting to another PC
      2. Move files from your PC to your pocket device
        1. Installing a Pocket PC
        2. Using Sync Center
      1. Meet up with Windows Meeting Space
        1. Meeting and greeting
      2. Stress-free teamwork
        1. Two become one
      3. Be a project manager...
        1. Perfect projects
    14. 17. ONLINE
      1. Arm yourself with free online help and updates
      2. Work on documents wherever you are
        1. Set up media sharing in five minutes
      3. Get the web working for you
        1. Get yourself online
        2. What do I get with Office Live Small Business?
      4. Power up Internet Explorer 8
    15. 18. QUICK TIPS
      1. Do things quicker in Windows Vista
      2. 24 shortcuts that make using your PC a breeze
  5. III. DO More
      1. Get your inbox under control
        1. Six ways to beat email overload
      2. Download management
        1. How to schedule your downloads
      3. Create an online magazine for free
        1. Get your mag online in nine easy stages
      4. Control your PC with your voice
        1. Take the tutorial
      5. Make a home security webcam
        1. Secure your home in minutes
      6. Home library
        1. You don't have to go Dewey
      7. Publish your first blog in Windows Live Space
        1. Write, illustrate and publish a blog
      8. Finance is easy
        1. Control your statements
      9. How to make your mind up!
        1. The vision of Visio
        2. Making the decision
      10. Turn your own handwriting into a font
        1. Create your own font in five minutes
      11. Edit a film in minutes with Movie Maker
        1. Edit your home videos
      12. Save an hour a day!
    2. 20. FRIENDS & FAMILY
      1. Plan your wedding – with style and ease
        1. How to create a slideshow
      2. The perfect holiday...
        1. Working with Windows Live
      3. Card creativity
        1. Create a BBQ party invitation
      4. Send all your cards in an hour
        1. Labels made easy
      5. Sort out your family!
        1. Combine your calendars
      6. Print your own illustrated children's book
        1. Be a designer
      7. Host a great party
        1. Make the ultimate playlist in Media Player
    3. 21. WORK PROJECTS
      1. Get more out of your laptop battery
        1. Tweak your power options
      2. Share your files across the world for free
        1. Exchange files
      3. Be a student entrepreneur
        1. Get your business going
      4. Boost your career and get a pay rise
        1. Be more productive with Windows Mail
        2. Get together with your colleagues
  6. IV. Appendix
    1. A. Installation
      1. Choosing the right edition
      2. Installation preparation
        1. And if you're migrating to a new PC...
      3. Starting the install...
        1. It's only 12 steps to installation heaven
      4. Keep your PC running like new
        1. Keep your PC running smoothly
      5. Love your computer!
      6. How to be comfortable in your new office
        1. 2007 Microsoft Office editions explained
      7. How to try out the 2007 Microsoft Office release
        1. Trial run
      8. The Office Ready PC Programme
        1. Activate an Office trial
  7. Index
  8. About the Author
  9. Copyright