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101 Ways to Connect with Your Customers, Chiefs, and Co-Workers

Book Description

In today's competitive work environment, being able to connect effectively with those you interact with in the workplace is a primary key to success in your chosen field. In 101 WAYS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS, CHIEFS, AND CO-WORKERS, expert Carol Silvis gives you the tools and techniques that will help you work smoothly, efficiently, and productively with all types of people, whether they are the customers and clients you're serving, your coworkers, or the managers you report to. The ability to relate to others successfully is a highly prized job skill, while the inability to communicate well can often cost employees their jobs. This easy-to-read guide covers everything from developing your personal work ethic to maximizing your professionalism, building positive relationships, contributing to a positive work environment, and more. Whether you're a seasoned employee or brand new to the job market, 101 WAYS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS, CHIEFS, AND CO-WORKERS will lead you to greater job enjoyment and success.