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10 Career Essentials: Excel at Your Career by Using Your Personality Type

Book Description

If you work full-time for forty years, you will spend over 80,000 hours on the job. With this much time invested, author Donna Dunning asserts, your career should be interesting, motivating and rewarding. In her highly-acclaimed first book, What’s Your Type of Career? Dunning delivered a set of powerful tools that for the first time linked personality type to career success and helped thousands of individuals chart a path to professional growth and greater job satisfaction. This follow-up book, 10 Career Essentials, tells readers how to further use their personality type to tailor their career success strategies to their personal preferences. Each chapter describes one career success strategy such as optimizing your outlook, exceeding expectations and thriving amidst uncertainty providing self-assessment tools and tips to stimulate learning and improve your ability to implement a personal career strategy to its fullest.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. The ten essential career success strategies
    2. How to use this book
  6. Chapter 2: Ask Yourself for Directions
    1. What are your personality preferences?
    2. What is your natural way of working?
    3. What does career success look like for you?
  7. Chapter 3: Optimize Your Outlook
    1. What is your outlook?
    2. What is affecting your outlook?
    3. Optimizing your outlook: Personality type strengths and challenges
  8. Chapter 4: Put Yourself in Charge
    1. Do you take ownership of your actions?
    2. Do you work independently?
    3. Are you persistent?
    4. Putting yourself in charge: Personality type strengths and challenges
  9. Chapter 5: Learn from Everyone
    1. Are you listening?
    2. Are you encouraging others to teach you?
    3. Are you being empathic?
    4. Are you clarifying expectations?
    5. Are you learning from corrective feedback?
    6. Learning from everyone: Personality type strengths and challenges
  10. Chapter 6: Relate to Anyone
    1. Are you sending a clear message?
    2. Do you provide helpful feedback to others?
    3. Do you deal effectively with conflict?
    4. Relating to anyone: Personality type strengths and challenges
  11. Chapter 7: Cultivate Your Curiosity
    1. Can you find what you need to know?
    2. Are you well informed?
    3. Do you know how to learn?
    4. Cultivating your curiosity: Personality type strengths and challenges
  12. Chapter 8: Disentangle Your Thoughts
    1. Are you an effective problem solver?
    2. Are you an effective decision maker?
    3. Can you identify your blind spots?
    4. Are you thinking about your thinking?
    5. Disentangling your thoughts: Personality type strengths and challenges
  13. Chapter 9: Exceed Expectations
    1. Are you productive at work?
    2. Do you achieve exceptional results?
    3. Are you continuously improving?
    4. Exceed expectations: Personality type strengths and challenges
  14. Chapter 10: Thrive in Uncertainty
    1. Are you anticipating change?
    2. Are you adjusting to change?
    3. Are you ahead of the change?
    4. Thriving in uncertainty: Personality type strengths and challenges
  15. Chapter 11: Promote Your Progress
    1. Are you promoting yourself?
    2. Promoting your progress: Personality type strengths and challenges
  16. Additional Resources
  17. Index