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Book cover for Thinking with Data
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Arguments Thinking with Data by Max Shron
“Arguments are built around claims. Before hearing an argument, there are some statements the audience would not endorse. After all the analyzing, mapping, modeling, graphing, and final presentation of the results, we think they should agree to these statements. These are the claims. Put another way, a claim is a statement that could be reasonably doubted but that we believe we can make a case for. All arguments contain one or more claims.”
Highlight by dmoder
Book cover for Quicklook at Business
Recently published
Quicklook at Business by Chris Churchouse published on Dec. 31, 2012
“Normally, you will not need to amend this feature list beyond the defaults, but if your database vendor brings out a new version that can still be connected to by the existing protocol, or if you are accessing an unspecified data source through the generic ODBC database type, you can amend this list to reflect the correct set of features for your database.”
Highlight by jayp
Book cover for Oracle Exadata Expert’s Handbook
Recently published
Oracle Exadata Expert’s Handbook by Charles Kim, Guy Harrison, Nitin Vengurlekar, Sridhar Avantsa, Syed Hussain, Tariq Farooq published on May 15, 2015
“In Learn Python the Hard Way you'll learn Python by working through 52 brilliantly crafted exercises. Read them. Type their code precisely. (No copying and pasting!) Fix your mistakes. Watch the programs run. As you do, you'll learn how software works; what good programs look like; how to read, write, and think about code; and how to find and fix your mistakes using tricks professional programmers use.”
Pick by paul
Book cover for Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook - Second Edition
Recently published
Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook - Second Edition by Eric Rochester published on Jan. 27, 2015
Book cover for Developing a React Edge: The JavaScript Library for User Interfaces
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JSX Developing a React Edge: The JavaScript Library for User Interfaces by The League of Extraordinary Developers
“Because JSX transforms to plain javascript function calls there are a few keywords we cannot use — class and for.”
Highlight by offline
Book cover for Make: Getting Started with Spark Core and Photon
Recently published
Make: Getting Started with Spark Core and Photon by Simon Monk published on June 15, 2015
“Refreshingly straightforward, this is a great, no-nonsense, practical approach to learning Python.”
Pick by jbsbo
“Virtualization is a technique for carving up physical computer resources into multiple pseudo machines, allowing multiple operating systems to run on a single hardware platform.”
Highlight by darylf
Book cover for You’re My Favorite Client
Staff pick
You’re My Favorite Client by Mike Monteiro published on Nov. 7, 2014
“Anything Mike Monteiro writes is worth reading.”
Pick by liza
Book cover for Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth
Staff pick
Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth by Jaideep Prabhu, Navi Radjou, Simone Ahuja published on April 1, 2012
“Jugaad Innovation argues that the creative approaches to problem-solving born from the scarcity of resources in markets like India may be the secret to innovation success even in the most resource-abundant economies. A clever twist on the conventional wisdom that the best management practices are found in mature economies.”
Pick by paul
Book cover for Cisco CCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 LiveLessons
Recently published
Cisco CCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 LiveLessons by Frank Dagenhardt published on March 23, 2015

Hadoop in Practice, Second Edition provides over 100 tested, instantly useful techniques that will help you conquer big data, using Hadoop. This revised new edition covers changes and new features in the Hadoop core architecture, including MapReduce 2. Brand new chapters cover YARN and integrating Kafka, Impala, and Spark SQL ...

“For the architecture to be effective as the backbone of the project’s design, it must be communicated clearly and unambiguously to all of the stakeholders.”
Highlight by pnuz3n
Book cover for Quicklook at Wine
Recently published
Quicklook at Wine by Richard Avery published on Dec. 31, 2012

Provides a practical approach to Verilog design and problem solving.

  • Bulk of the book deals with practical design problems that design engineers solve on a daily basis.

  • Includes over 90 design examples.

  • There are 3 full scale design examples that include specification, architectural definition, micro-architectural definition, RTL coding, testbench coding ...

“Acting out scenarios can suggest opportunities or reveal problems that would not be obvious when “brainstorming” in a studio, office, or lab.”
Highlight by anna-kay
Book cover for PostgreSQL Cookbook
Recently published
PostgreSQL Cookbook by Chitij Chauhan published on Jan. 31, 2015
Book cover for Cisco 640-461 (ICOMM) Exam Training
Recently published
Cisco 640-461 (ICOMM) Exam Training by Greg Dickinson published on Jan. 14, 2015
“Perhaps the most important corollary of the law of accumulation is what is called the law of incremental improvement. This is really the law that explains how you move from wherever you are to the top of your field. This is the law that explains all great success in America, or anywhere else in the world. This law simply states that a person becomes good at his or her chosen field by improving incrementally, continuously, over a long period of time.”
Highlight by garrettuy457
Book cover for Building Minecraft Server Modifications
Staff pick
Building Minecraft Server Modifications by Cody M. Sommer published on Sept. 25, 2013
“If you've ever wanted to build and modify your own Minecraft CraftBukkit server, today is your lucky day becuase this book was made for you!”
Pick by jbsbo

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