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Book cover for QlikView 11 for Developers
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The master calendar QlikView 11 for Developers by Miguel García, Barry Harmsen
“The Date#() function essentially takes a string value representing a date and converts it to an actual date value based on the specified source format.”
Highlight by Jessicat
Book cover for Salt at Scale: Lessons from LinkedIn
Recently published
Salt at Scale: Lessons from LinkedIn by Craig Sebenik published on Nov. 17, 2014
“In addition, making that form as beautiful as possible is what elevates designing above just plopping stuff in front of an audience and letting them pick through it, like hyenas mulling over a dismembered carcass.”
Highlight by designprof
Book cover for REST, Hypermedia, and the Semantic Gap
Recently published
REST, Hypermedia, and the Semantic Gap by Mike Amundsen published on March 12, 2015
“We tell stories about other people's genius ideas as if the idea came suddenly, writes David Burkus. We conveniently gloss over the tireless concentration that came before the insight, or the hard work of developing the idea that will come afterward. This is the Eureka Myth, and it’s one of several such mythologies debunked in this essential volume on creativity.”
Pick by paul
Book cover for Hands-on with Amazon Redshift
Recently published
Hands-on with Amazon Redshift by Rich Morrow published on Aug. 17, 2015
“Applications that are easy to change consist of classes that are easy to reuse”
Highlight by tuolden
Book cover for Python Game Development for Beginners
Recently published
Python Game Development for Beginners by Elliott Hauser published on Aug. 14, 2015
“This is not a book for people who are satisfied with the way organizations are today. Instead Gary Hamel offers a plea to reinvent management and to rethink the fundamental assumptions we have about capitalism, institutions, and life at work. Inspirational reading for those who believe we can do better.”
Pick by paul
“Seven of the controls in the Toolbox depicted in Figure 13-1 are the so-called data-bound controls. You use them to display and edit data on your web pages. The GridView, DataList, ListView, and Repeater are all able to display multiple records at the same time. As such they are often referred to as list controls. The DetailsView and the FormView are designed to show a single record at a time. The DataPager is a helper control used to provide paging capabilities to the ListView controls.”
Highlight by mattgasenshi
Book cover for Graphic Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications, and History of Graphic Design
Staff pick
Graphic Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications, and History of Graphic Design by Armin Vit, Bryony Gomez Palacio published on July 1, 2009
“An excellent, beautifully-laid out comprehensive survey of design as a discipline. The principles of the craft, the history of the profession, and the contemporary state of the industry are meticulously chronicled in this book.”
Pick by pablod
Book cover for Data Science at the Command Line
Staff pick
Data Science at the Command Line by Jeroen Janssens published on Oct. 10, 2014
“I learned more useful command-line tools in two chapters than I have in the last decade.”
Pick by liza
Book cover for Strategic Analysis and Choice
Recently published
Strategic Analysis and Choice by Alfred G. Warner published on Nov. 29, 2010
Book cover for Thinking with Data
Arguments Thinking with Data by Max Shron

Understanding how to turn numbers into usable insights is a significant challenge for those who work with data on a daily basis. Thinking with Data provides a concise framework and key insights to help data people uncover the real problem to be solved as well as how to approach, organize ...

“the data scientist — who also plays a part-time role as business analyst.”
Highlight by davidmstephenson
Book cover for Cultivate Conference 2015
Recently published
Cultivate Conference 2015 by O'Reilly Media, Inc. published on Aug. 18, 2015

This is the rough cut version of the printed book

This book provides a step-by-step, beginner-friendly example which demonstrates both Django's core and contributed library. At each step of the process, the reader will be introduced to a new Django feature. By following all of the instructions within the ...

“Simplify: In general, when you’re considering whether to deploy a new feature, or even how to deploy a new feature, remember the 2 a.m./15 minute rule: If it takes more than 15 minutes to explain at 2 a.m., while under the pressure of a network outage, it’s probably too complex.”
Highlight by mccloud
Book cover for Customers Inside, Customers Outside
Recently published
Customers Inside, Customers Outside by Michael W. Lowenstein published on Jan. 24, 2014
Book cover for Preventing Litigation
Recently published
Preventing Litigation by Nelson Brestoff, William Inmon published on Aug. 12, 2015
“Acting out scenarios can suggest opportunities or reveal problems that would not be obvious when “brainstorming” in a studio, office, or lab.”
Highlight by anna-kay
“It’s a mistake to assume that one path to agility is the right path for everyone. Today's organizations are complex adaptive systems that will react in unpredictable ways when change is introduced. In this video Jason Little presents a four-step model that will help you shape your path to business agility. In addition, this video talks about how to leverage the Lean Startup method even if your organization is not a startup.”
Pick by paul

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