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“Perhaps the most important corollary of the law of accumulation is what is called the law of incremental improvement. This is really the law that explains how you move from wherever you are to the top of your field. This is the law that explains all great success in America, or anywhere else in the world. This law simply states that a person becomes good at his or her chosen field by improving incrementally, continuously, over a long period of time.”
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Book cover for iOS® 9 Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself, Seventh Edition
Recently published
iOS® 9 Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself, Seventh Edition by John Ray published on Feb. 15, 2016
“When a wireless network is designed, two concepts that typically compete with each other are capacity and coverage”
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Book cover for XML and Related Technologies
Recently published
XML and Related Technologies by Atul Kahate published on Feb. 17, 2009
“Refreshingly straightforward, this is a great, no-nonsense, practical approach to learning Python.”
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Book cover for O'Reilly Design Conference 2016 - San Francisco, California: Video Compilation
Recently published
O'Reilly Design Conference 2016 - San Francisco, California: Video Compilation by O'Reilly Media, Inc. published on Jan. 29, 2016
Book cover for Being Geek
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A Deliberate Career Being Geek by Michael Lopp
“Any job, any company, represents a wealth of experience. The risk associated with acquiring that experience at an established company is far less than at a start-up because your larger company has hit its stride. They made it, and one would think they made it because they did something right. The questions are, what did they do right, are they still doing it right, and how is the rightness covering up things they’re doing horribly?”
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Book cover for The class of Java
Recently published
The class of Java by Pravin Jain published on Aug. 23, 2010
“It’s a mistake to assume that one path to agility is the right path for everyone. Today's organizations are complex adaptive systems that will react in unpredictable ways when change is introduced. In this video Jason Little presents a four-step model that will help you shape your path to business agility. In addition, this video talks about how to leverage the Lean Startup method even if your organization is not a startup.”
Pick by paul
Book cover for Lean Enterprise
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Introduction Lean Enterprise by Barry Barry O'Reilly O'Reilly, Joanne Joanne Molesky Molesky, Jez Jez Humble Humble
“extrinsic motivators such as bonuses and rating people in performance reviews actually decrease performance in such nonroutine work”
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Book cover for Building Minecraft Server Modifications
Staff pick
Building Minecraft Server Modifications by Cody M. Sommer published on Sept. 25, 2013
“If you've ever wanted to build and modify your own Minecraft CraftBukkit server, today is your lucky day becuase this book was made for you!”
Pick by jbsbo
Book cover for Lean Enterprise
Staff pick
Lean Enterprise by Barry O'Reilly, Jez Humble, Joanne Molesky published on Dec. 24, 2014
“Adopting Lean and Agile software delivery methodologies is hard in enterprises with annual budgeting cycles, compliance concerns, legacy systems to maintain, and organizational silos. This book is a practical guide to the secrets of transforming non-startups so that they can develop new products and services faster and more cheaply.”
Pick by paul
Book cover for Data Governance
Recently published
Data Governance by John Adler published on Jan. 28, 2016

Praise for Design Patterns in Ruby

"Design Patterns in Ruby documents smart ways to resolve many problems that Ruby developers commonly encounter. Russ Olsen has done a great job of selecting classic patterns and augmenting these with newer patterns that have special relevance for Ruby. He clearly explains each idea ...

“It is dangerous for one function to create space in memory and another to free it,”
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Book cover for Financial Perspectives on Strategic Business Practice
Recently published
Financial Perspectives on Strategic Business Practice by Aniruddha Thuse published on Feb. 1, 2016
Book cover for Service Management for Dummies®
Service Management Standards and Best Practices Service Management for Dummies® by Fern Halper, Judith Hurwitz, Marcia Kaufman, Robin Bloor

Manage your business from a services perspective

What if technology was designed to serve the business — every time? That's service management! Done properly, it can make everybody happy — the customer, the service provider, and the business owner. Understand the value of managing your physical environments and IT systems with ...

Book cover for JavaScript: The Good Parts
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Objects JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
“Objects in JavaScript are class-free. There is no constraint on the names of new properties or on the values of properties. Objects are useful for collecting and organizing data. Objects can contain other objects, so they can easily represent tree or graph structures.”
Highlight by raneyd
Book cover for Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming, Interfacing and System Design, 2nd Edition
Recently published
Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming, Interfacing and System Design, 2nd Edition by Raj Kamal published on July 19, 2011
Book cover for Professional K2 blackpearl®
Recently published
Professional K2 blackpearl® by Anthony Petro, Chris Geier, Chris Leiter, Chris O'Connor, Codi Kaji, Colin Murphy, Dan Wood, Eric Schaffer, Gabriel Malherbe, Holly Anderson, Igor Macori, Jason Apergis, Jason Montgomery, Mike Talley, Paul Turley, Sergio Del Piccolo, Shaun Leisegang published on Feb. 3, 2009
“AngularJS form validation is based on honoring standard HTML attributes applied to form elements, such as type and required. Form validation is performed automatically, but some work is required to display validation feedback to the user and to integrate the overall validation results into an application.”
Highlight by richmasemann
“When it comes to developing leadership skills, the importance of asking good questions and effectively listening to answers are often given short shrift. Yet they are amazingly powerful techniques -- not just to gain new insights but to develop trust, loyalty, and commitment. Leaders who ask almost invariably outperform those who simply tell.”
Pick by paul

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