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Book cover for Service Management for Dummies®
Highlight from
Service Management Standards and Best Practices Service Management for Dummies® by Fern Halper, Judith Hurwitz, Marcia Kaufman, Robin Bloor
“ISO 9001 is the management system standard”
Highlight by py_hor
Book cover for Learning SQL
Recently published
Learning SQL by Ben Forta published on June 17, 2015
“Document databases can store data for real-time analytics; since parts of the document can be updated, it’s very easy to store page views or unique visitors, and new metrics can be easily added without schema changes.”
Highlight by nosql
Book cover for The Business of Life
Recently published
The Business of Life by Carmen Nobel published on June 4, 2012
Book cover for Creating Awesome iOS Interfaces
Staff pick
Creating Awesome iOS Interfaces by Jonathan Penn, Joshua B. Smith published on May 30, 2014
“After attending a CocoaConf event featuring talks from Jonathan Penn and Josh Smith, I was thrilled to see this added to the Safari library. No iOS developer will want to miss this!”
Pick by beaker
Book cover for The Five Kinds of Python Functions
Recently published
The Five Kinds of Python Functions by Steven F. Lott published on Jan. 21, 2015
“Virtualization is a technique for carving up physical computer resources into multiple pseudo machines, allowing multiple operating systems to run on a single hardware platform.”
Highlight by darylf
Book cover for The Most Powerful Workplace Motivator
Recently published
The Most Powerful Workplace Motivator by Carmen Nobel published on Oct. 31, 2011
Book cover for Managerial Accounting For Dummies
Staff pick
Managerial Accounting For Dummies by Mark P. Holtzman published on Feb. 11, 2013
“Accounting tends to be esoteric and mind-numbing to many in the outside world. Managerial accounting is that space that exists between the accounting dept and the executives' office, in which accounting information is used as a basis for decision making.”
Pick by jjpayday
Book cover for Intertwingled
Highlight from
Chapter 5, Limits Intertwingled by Peter Morville
“A strategy is a plan, but it’s also a pattern, a position, and a perspective.”
Highlight by y_garden
Book cover for Head First Statistics
Staff pick
Head First Statistics by Dawn Griffiths published on Aug. 26, 2008
“This book got me through my Stats class. When the text book failed to make a concept understandable, Head First Statistics was there to help.”
Pick by jhamon
Book cover for Digital Outcasts
Staff pick
Digital Outcasts by Kel Smith published on March 18, 2013
“Instead of giving technical advice about accessibility which is practically outdated before the book hits the presses, gives deeply compelling stories about why we need to prioritize accessibility. Audience is everyone involved in design, from management to implementer.”
Pick by dkaplan
Book cover for Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro X 10.1: Professional Music Production
Recently published
Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro X 10.1: Professional Music Production by David Nahmani published on June 7, 2015

Master Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Reports and Dashboards Deliver meaningful business information to users anytime, anywhere, on any device, with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g. Written by Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman, Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Developers Guide fully covers the latest BI report design and distribution techniques. Find ...

Book cover for Being Geek
Highlight from
A Deliberate Career Being Geek by Michael Lopp
“Any job, any company, represents a wealth of experience. The risk associated with acquiring that experience at an established company is far less than at a start-up because your larger company has hit its stride. They made it, and one would think they made it because they did something right. The questions are, what did they do right, are they still doing it right, and how is the rightness covering up things they’re doing horribly?”
Highlight by cmenezes
Book cover for Developing a hapi Edge: A Rich Node.js Framework for Apps and Services
Recently published
Developing a hapi Edge: A Rich Node.js Framework for Apps and Services by Van Nguyen, Daniel Bretoi, Wyatt Preul, Lloyd Benson published on July 2, 2015

Hadoop in Practice, Second Edition provides over 100 tested, instantly useful techniques that will help you conquer big data, using Hadoop. This revised new edition covers changes and new features in the Hadoop core architecture, including MapReduce 2. Brand new chapters cover YARN and integrating Kafka, Impala, and Spark SQL ...

Book cover for Apache Kafka
Highlight from
Java consumer API Apache Kafka by Nishant Garg
“The consumer group name is unique and global across the Kafka cluster and any new consumers with an in-use consumer group name may cause ambiguous behavior in the system. When a new process is started with the existing consumer group name, Kafka triggers rebalance between the new and existing process threads for the consumer group. Post rebalance, some of the messages that are intended for a new process may go to an old process, causing unexpected results. To avoid this ambiguous behavior, any existing consumers should be shut down before starting new consumers for an existing consumer group name”
Highlight by gvanlandeghem
Book cover for Getting the Marketing Mix Right
Recently published
Getting the Marketing Mix Right by Dina Gerdeman published on Oct. 20, 2011
Book cover for Building a Better Board
Recently published
Building a Better Board by Carmen Nobel published on May 11, 2011
“A problem or defect may be observed so often that it fails to generate a question. Because it is “normal” to expect the problem, questions go unasked. If a business can list “normal” problems, it has normalized the defect.”
Highlight by eoinnoble
Book cover for Rebels at Work
Staff pick
Rebels at Work by Carmen Medina, Debra Cameron, Lois Kelly published on Nov. 17, 2014
“True leadership doesn’t always come from a position of power, note the authors of Rebels at Work. But successfully exerting influence without authority can be very challenging. This book is a practical and inspirational guide on how to engage your coworkers and bosses and bring your ideas forward so that they are heard, considered, and acted upon.”
Pick by paul

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