Case Studies: User Research

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Learn User Research from the Experts

Building great products and services begins by conducting user research. User research is how product teams learn what customers need, think, and feel. Airbnb’s Judd Antin shares how Airbnb succeeds by using sentiment surveys. GitHub’s Chrissie Brodigan shares how by relying on qualitative data in addition to quantitative data, GitHub has been able to roll out successful product features.

videoTIME: 39m 6s

UX research at Airbnb: Making sentiment surveys practical
Judd Antin
Director of Experience Research, Airbnb

videoTIME: 39m 43s

UX research at GitHub: Measuring hard-to-measure things
Chrissie Brodigan
User Experience Researcher, GitHub

videoTIME: 35m 42s

Design at GoPro: Capturing the physical world to tell your story in a digital space
Vanessa Cho
Senior Director of UX and Research, GoPro
Wesley Yun
Director of UX, GoPro