Case Studies: Technical Leadership

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Learn Technical Leadership from the Experts

For a modern enterprise, the stakes are high indeed: competitors can appear out of nowhere, markets and customers can shift overnight. How do you build the teams you need to survive in a world of constant change? Leaders from NBC, Etsy, and New Relic show how they hire and nurture new staff, lead their teams through transitions, and build organizations that can grow.

videoTIME: 14m 28s

How Bitnami sources talent and builds a global team
Erica Brescia
Co-founder and COO, Bitnami

videoTIME: 41m 52s

How NBC builds a pipeline to hire developers
H. Wade Minter
Product Manager, Team Products, NBC SportsEngine

videoTIME: 34m 41s

Etsy’s best practices for transitioning talent and tools
Melissa Santos
Data Platform Team, Etsy
Maggie Zhou
Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

videoTIME: 51m 10s

New Relic shows how to scale a team and architecture
Brent Miller
Principal Software Engineer and Architect, New Relic