Case Studies: Security

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Learn Security from the Experts

Everyone is aware of the drumbeat of attacks on major corporations. Real leaders don’t just wonder if they’re going to be the next victim; they ask serious questions about how not to be next, and how to respond if they’re attacked. Learn how Salesforce created a culture of security, how Dyn defeated one of the largest attacks of all time, and how Distil uses DevOps processes to manage PCI compliance.

videoTIME: 19m 47s

How Dyn deals with DDoS attacks from an ops perspective
Phil Stanhope
VP Technology, Dyn

videoTIME: 37m 4s

How Distil achieved PCI compliance in 90 days flat
John Bullard
VP Software Engineering, Distil Networks
Benji Taylor
Director of Engineering-Operations, Distil Networks

videoTIME: 39m 52s

How Salesforce keeps an eye on suspicious activity
Masha Sedova
Senior Director Trust Engagement, Salesforce