Case Studies: Scaling

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Learn Scaling from the Experts

Success brings its own problems. They’re usually “good problems to have,” but they can be equally fatal. Are your systems limiting your growth? Are customers turning away because of bad response time? Are you in terror of what might break when some external event gives you a 100x surge in traffic? Airbnb, Timehop, BBC News, and many others have faced scaling problems, and solved them. You can, too.

videoTIME: 39m 42s

Scaling things that don’t scale: Scalability and reliability at Airbnb
Ben Hughes
Engineer, Airbnb
Jon Tai
Software Engineer, Airbnb

videoTIME: 17m 59s

How Timehop scaled from 1M to 13M users in 9 months
Benny Wong
Founder and CTO, Timehop

videoTIME: 41m 7s

Building a responsive, mobile-first news platform at BBC News
John Cleveley
Engineering Manager, BBC News