Case Studies: Performance

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Learn Performance from the Experts

Many studies have shown that time is, indeed, money. Delays as small as a few hundred milliseconds can cause customers to click away. Many enterprises have discovered that making their online presence fast and responsive, especially when under load, is the key to maintaining customer loyalty. Learn how Facebook, Hewlett Packard, and Vox Media have improved application performance, making their applications more efficient and effective.

videoTIME: 34m 13s

How Vox optimized their web performance from the ground up
Ian Carrico
Performance Engineer, Vox Media
Jason Ormand
Performance Engineer, Vox Media

videoTIME: 42m 21s

Facebook’s data-driven approach to web performance
Ben Maurer
Infrastructure Engineer, Facebook

videoTIME: 39m 31s

Debugging application performance: Lessons from HPE
Amichai Nitsan
CTO for AppPulse Suite, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

videoTIME: 41m 7s

How GoDaddy optimizes customer engagement through performance
Jim Pierson
Principal Performance Architect, GoDaddy