Case Studies: Open Source and Enterprise

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Learn Open Source and Enterprise from the Experts

Open source software has made it possible for all of us, from fledgling startups to huge enterprises, to innovate on everything from operating systems to programming languages. Using open source, making your projects open source, and being an active part of the open source community is a necessary way to keep up with technology and be a part of a larger community. See how Capital One, Twitter, and Joyent are building towards ensured continued success.

videoTIME: 32m 18s

Creating an open source office: Lessons from Twitter
Chris Aniszczyk
Head of Open Source, Twitter

videoTIME: 29m 27s

How Capital One became active open source contributors
Tapabrata Pal
Senior Director & Senior Engineering Fellow, Capital One

videoTIME: 43m 28s

Why Joyent open sourced its infrastructure projects
Bryan Cantrill
Chief Technology Officer, Joyent