Case Studies: Microservices

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Learn Microservices from the Experts

Software has grown ever-more complex, as it has grown more mission-critical and far-reaching. Microservices break complex software monoliths into systems of small components that can be made redundant and resilient. However, it isn’t the only answer to a problem. Are microservices the right answer? And if so, getting from monolith to microservices is not an easy task. Find out how companies like Home Depot, Fastly, The Financial Times, Netflix, and Orbitz have made the shift.

videoTIME: 39m 18s

How Netflix scales microservices with application data caching
Scott Mansfield
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

videoTIME: 11m 50s

How transitioned to microservices
Christopher Grant
Senior Architect/Manager - Cloud Platform, Home Depot

videoTIME: 39m 37s

How Fastly navigates microservices pitfalls
Blithe Rocher
Software Engineer, Fastly

videoTIME: 35m 34s

Monitoring a microservices architecture at Financial Times
Sarah Wells
Principal Engineer, Financial Times

videoTIME: 41m 27s automates its microservices
Steve Hoffman
Senior Principal Engineer, Orbitz Worldwide
Rick Fast
Senior Principal Engineer, Orbitz Worldwide