Case Studies: Machine Learning

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Learn Machine Learning from the Experts

Machine learning and artificial intelligence augment human capabilities, enabling you to make better decisions, serve customers more effectively, and build products that delight their users. They are already entering users’ homes via products ranging from Google Search to Amazon’s Alexa. Learn how The Washington Post, Baidu, and Stitch Fix use machine learning and artificial intelligence to build a successful future.

videoTIME: 47m 33s

How Stitch Fix uses human-in-the-loop machine learning for personalization
Eric Colson
Chief Algorithms Officer, Stitch Fix Data Science

videoTIME: 35m 35s

How the Washington Post uses machine learning to predict article popularity
Eui-Hong Han
Director of Big Data and Personalization, The Washington Post
Shuguang Wang
Lead Data Scientist, The Washington Post

videoTIME: 27m 36s

Spot and overcome machine learning bottlenecks: Lessons from Baidu
Bin Fan
Software Engineer, Alluxio
Haojun Wang
Software Architect, Baidu

videoTIME: 58m 36s

How Zocdoc uses machine learning to direct healthcare services
Brian d'Alessandro
Director, Data Science, Zocdoc