Case Studies: DevOps

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Learn DevOps from the Experts

IT departments deploy and maintain the complex software systems that run businesses. Target, Walmart, the BBC, and others are revolutionizing the way they deliver software by adopting DevOps. They’re increasing cooperation between developers and operations staff, building automated pipelines for software deployment, and bringing transformation to the rest of their companies. They’re finding that they can build software that is more reliable, supports more users, and can be updated easily.

videoTIME: 41m 58s

(Re)Building an engineering culture: DevOps at Target
Heather Mickman
Senior Director Platform Engineering, Target
Ross Clanton
Innovative Technology Leader, Target

videoTIME: 38m 55s

Building engineering teams under pressure at Slack
Julia Grace
Head of Infrastructure Engineering, Slack

videoTIME: 40m 19s

DevOps culture shift at
Rodrigo Campos
Operations Director, Walmart (Brazil)

videoTIME: 11m 22s

Changing operational and development culture at BBC
Andrew Brockhurst
Principal Engineer, BBC

videoTIME: 28m 6s

What the USDS learned from the launch
Mikey Dickerson
Deputy CIO, Administrator, United States Digital Services Team