Case Studies: Design Thinking

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Learn Design Thinking from the Experts

Design thinking helps organizations identify opportunities for growth, unlock innovation, and improve financial performance. IBM’s Phil Gilbert explains how he is leading business transformation at IBM with Design Thinking. Intuit’s Suzanne Pellican shares the lessons that 8000-employee Intuit has learned in successfully applying design thinking to drive innovation and business performance.

videoTIME: 59m 13s

How IBM applied design thinking
Phil Gilbert
Head of Design, IBM

videoTIME: 51m 47s

Hard-learned lessons in leading design at MailChimp
Aarron Walter
VP of Design Education, InVision

videoTIME: 41m 7s

How great products begin with great cultures at LinkedIn
Steve Johnson
Vice President, Product & Marketing Design, LinkedIn

videoTIME: 51m 7s

How Intuit applied design thinking
Suzanne Pellican
VP Design, Intuit

videoTIME: 38m 58s

Using design thinking to solve data problems: Case studies from IDEO
Peter Olson
Director, Creative Technology, IDEO
David Boardman
Interaction Design Lead, IDEO