Case Studies: Continuous Deployment

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Learn Continuous Deployment from the Experts

Deploying software hundreds of times per day, as Facebook does, sounds like a recipe for chaos. It isn’t; CD makes deployment more reliable, because you’re only deploying one change at a time, and you’ve automated process so that it is reliably repeatable. Learn how companies as different as Facebook and CapitalOne practice continuous deployment to make their sites more reliable and their developers more productive.

videoTIME: 46m 7s

DevOps: The classic Flickr story
John Allspaw
Engineering Manager, Flickr/Yahoo
Paul Hammond
Engineering Manager, Flickr

videoTIME: 40m 14s

Scaling DevOps and continuous delivery at ING
Taco Bakker
IT Chapter Lead Continuous Delivery, ING Group
Mark Heistek
Continuous Delivery Manager and DevOps IT Specialist, ING Group

videoTIME: 40m 11s

Continuous deployment: How Facebook deploys to millions
Michael Gorven
Production Engineer, Facebook (Instagram)

videoTIME: 35m 44s

Continuous delivery in finance: How IG made the leap
David Genn
Java Tech Lead, IG Group

videoTIME: 42m 19s

Adopting DevOps in the enterprise: Lessons from Capital One
Adam Auerbach
Senior Director, Leading Continuous Delivery and DevOps Transformation, Capital One