Case Studies: Cloud

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Learn Cloud from the Experts

Scaling in-house infrastructure requires lots of capital investment and lots of time, both of which make it hard to be agile. If you need a few thousand more servers to handle a product launch or Black Friday, they aren’t going to arrive tomorrow, nor will they disappear when the surge is done. Find out how companies like Disney and FINRA, in industries ranging from finance to entertainment and consumer products, got better performance with less expense by moving to the cloud.

videoTIME: 27m 20s

How Disney Built a Modern Cloud with Open Source
Chris Launey
Director, Cloud Services and Architecture, The Walt Disney Company

videoTIME: 25m 2s

How Shutterfly migrated 10+ billion photos to the cloud
Jack Chan
Sr. Manager, Software Engineering, Shutterfly

videoTIME: 38m 34s

How FINRA technology integrates data feeds to provide analytics and visuals
Janaki Parameswaran
Technology Project Manager, FINRA
Kishore Ramachandran
Director, FINRA

videoTIME: 42m 23s

How GameStop migrated 12 ecommerce sites to the cloud
Rob Burke
Director of International Multi-Channel, GameStop, Inc.

videoTIME: 40m 41s

Migrating to public cloud: How Viadeo made the leap
Julien Simon
former CTO, Viadeo
Antoine Guy
Principal Infrastructure Architect, Viadeo