Case Studies: Analytics

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Learn Analytics from the Experts

We have more and more data at our disposal: data expands to fill the disk drives allotted to it. But collecting data is useless unless you can do something with it. Analytics is all about doing something with that data, whether it’s making better decisions or building new kinds of products. Our case studies show how data analytics delivers better results for businesses as diverse as QuintilesIMS (healthcare), Instacart (ecommerce), and Intel (enterprise automation).

videoTIME: 35m 52s

Data analytics for the scalable IoT at Intel
Moty Fania
Principal Engineer, Big Data Analytics, Intel

videoTIME: 44m 22s

Data analytics for product quality at QuintilesIMS
Navdeep Alam
Director, Global Data Warehouse, Systems Development and Security, QuintilesIMS

videoTIME: 42m 16s

Data analytics for efficiency at Instacart
Jeremy Stanley
VP of Data Science, Instacart