MVP: Placing the User at the Heart of Your Business Strategy

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Each year publishers spend countless hours crafting lengthy Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that exhaustively detail their ideal online publishing platform. There is a sense that before a platform migration can occur every aspect of the functions, features, and capabilities must be identified and explicitly defined. Yet in other market segments the approach to revising business… Read more »

All of a Sudden – Tech

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We’ve all heard stories about career changes “later in life,” and while I’m still enjoying some level of healthy denial as I move swiftly into my fiftieth year on the planet, I find myself apparently living one of these tales. About a year ago, I decided that I needed something more from a career. I… Read more »

Welcome to Safari Flow™

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Like you, we work on the web, and that means keeping up with an ever-changing combination of technologies, approaches, and disciplines. We all know there’s stuff that we should know more about, but the time and effort involved in finding the right material can be overwhelming. Enter Safari Flow, an all-new website for busy web… Read more »