5 Tips to Get Started with Android Development

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With sales of Android devices growing, there’s no better time to get started crafting your first Android app. Here are the five things you need to know before creating that first killer app. 1. Understand the Java Programming Language. Java is Android’s main programming language. Learn object-oriented programming concepts, Java language fundamentals, including packages, classes… Read more »

Now blogging at Safari Books Online

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Readers of this blog may want to start following the Safari Books Online tech and publishing blog, where we continue to write about digital publishing, EPUB, HTML5, and other topics of interest to us.

Web-based epubcheck upgraded to epubcheck 1.0.5

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The invaluable epubcheck has officially been at version 1.0.3 for months, but the latest incremental build (1.0.5) has significant improvements. I’ve been seeing a number of ebooks entering the marketplace which pass epubcheck 1.0.3 but have serious flaws that are caught in 1.0.5. At Threepress we’ve been using 1.0.5 internally for some time, as I… Read more »

From the vault: making movies out of words

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I’ve only got one hour to make today’s post so I’m using one of my lifelines: a few pointers to early posts on this blog you may have missed. This one, from July 2008, describes an experiment using the Processing graphical programming language. I imagine applying techniques such as this to create algorithmic, generative book… Read more »

Survey of current e-readers: Talk at TOC

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I’ve been gently persuaded to give a second presentation at O’Reilly Tools of Change this year: Survey of current e-readers.  (The first is Building a better web-based book). This will be a review of the current state of hardware e-readers, both e-ink and LCD, and I’ll be co-presenting with Keith Fahlgren. What’s it like to… Read more »

Bookworm feature updates: sorting and pagination

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It is now possible to re-sort books in your library by title, first author or creation date, and to re-order those in ascending or descending order: If the number of books in your library exceeds 20, you will be presented with next/previous pagination controls. In an earlier post I listed several features that I planned… Read more »

Colorful terms, A-G

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I’ve been slowly making my way through the Dictionary of American Underworld Lingo, which is less of an endurance contest than reading the entire Oxford English Dictionary, to be sure.  I’m dividing the interesting entries up into categories, the first of which are the cute ones that make early 20th-century criminals seem like adorable ragamuffins. … Read more »

The Dictionary of American Underworld Lingo (1950)

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Some friends of mine picked up this volume at a used bookstore while on vacation and we had a lot of fun reading through it.  It’s “bilingual,” so the first half defines thousands of slang terms and phrases, while the second half advises you on what to call a cemetery (bone-orchard), how to affectionately describe… Read more »