Five Questions with Murtaza Haider, author of “Getting Started with Data Science”

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Recently, we were able to ask five questions of Murtaza Haider, about the new book from IBM Press called “Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics.” Below, the author talks about the benefits of data science in today’s professional world. What are some examples of data science altering or impacting traditional… Read more »

Threat Modeling Simplified

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by Sari Greene I cringe each time I hear the oft repeated declarations that “every company will be compromised” and that “it isn’t a matter of if, but when”. These statements are the basis of the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) driven cyber sales machine. What is closer to the truth is that Internet connected… Read more »

Formalizing Semantics with Syntax: Using Data Models to Capture Precise Business Requirements

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By Steve Hoberman A data model is a precise representation of an information landscape, in much the same way as a map is a precise representation of a geographic landscape. “Precise” is the key characteristic of a data model, which means that there is a clear, unambiguous way of reading every symbol and term on… Read more »

C++ 14 Features You Can Use Now Which Won’t Break Your Legacy Code

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By Brian Overland For C++ programmers, maintaining legacy code has always been important. However, the last few upgrades to the specification have created what some experts have called “a whole new language.” So how do you start using it? For your own projects, you may want to start using new features which improve your programs without breaking your… Read more »

Using New Build Tools in React 0.14

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By Frankie Bagnardi Frankie Bagnardi is a senior front-end developer creating user experiences for various clients. In his free time, he answers questions on StackOverflow (FakeRainBrigand) and IRC (GreenJello), and enjoys small projects. He is a co-author of the brand new second edition of Developing a React Edge by Bleeding Edge Press.  React and the tools… Read more »

Five Questions with Daniel D. Gutierrez – Author of “Machine Learning and Data Science”

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Recently, we were able to ask five questions of Daniel D. Gutierrez about his new book from Technics Publications called “Machine Learning and Data Science: An Introduction to Statistical Learning Methods with R.”  Below, Daniel talks about his inspiration for writing, why he chose R as the language for the book, and who would benefit most… Read more »

“The Magic of Math:” Five Questions with Arthur Benjamin on Mathematics and Your Career

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We all have to solve problems and challenges in our personal and professional lives every day. Being able to understand and implement the classic concepts of mathematical thinking such as algebra, proofs, and geometry will only strengthen your problem solving abilities and capabilities. In his new book from Basic Books, “The Magic of Math: Solving… Read more »

Refactoring a JavaScript Application to Use Microservices: What we Learned With Backbone and Marionette

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Earlier this year, we overhauled our search application and changed it from a django app to a microservice. This opened us up to move the frontend of our search out of django templates and into a single-page JavaScript application that communicates via JSON. Marionettejs Starting from scratch allowed us to think about the overall structure and components of… Read more »

MVP: Placing the User at the Heart of Your Business Strategy

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Each year publishers spend countless hours crafting lengthy Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that exhaustively detail their ideal online publishing platform. There is a sense that before a platform migration can occur every aspect of the functions, features, and capabilities must be identified and explicitly defined. Yet in other market segments the approach to revising business… Read more »