Refactoring a JavaScript Application to Use Microservices: What we Learned With Backbone and Marionette

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Earlier this year, we overhauled our search application and changed it from a django app to a microservice. This opened us up to move the frontend of our search out of django templates and into a single-page JavaScript application that communicates via JSON. Marionettejs Starting from scratch allowed us to think about the overall structure and components of… Read more »

Improving your Ruby on Rails Applications with Effective Use of Hash Objects

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by Sam Phippen Sam Phippen has been writing software for more than seven years. He routinely gives conference talks about software design and testing and currently serves the Ruby community as a member of the RSpec core team. Sam regularly contributes to Open Source Ruby applications and works as a consultant at Fun and Plausible… Read more »

Five Java 8 Features That You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

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by Trisha Gee Trisha Gee is the author of the new video series called “Building Java 8 Web Applications with Microservices” from Addison-Wesley Professional. If you’re a Java developer you’ll have heard about lambda expressions making their way into Java SE 8. You might not be aware, however, that there’s much more to Java 8… Read more »

React 0.14: Why Local Component State is a Trap

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by Richard Feldman Richard Feldman is a functional programmer who specializes in pushing the limits of browser-based UIs.  He works at NoRedInk building education tools using Elm and React. He is also one of the authors of the upcoming second edition of “Developing a React Edge: The Javascript Library for User Interfaces” from Bleeding Edge Press…. Read more »

Exploring Python’s New Asynchronous Statements and Expressions With Daniel Arbuckle

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By Daniel Arbuckle Daniel Arbuckle is a computer scientist and software engineer who has worked with, studied, and built a career around Python starting with version 1.5. He is the author of multiple books and videos on Python for Packt Publishing.        Python’s first steps toward an implementation of coroutines came in December 2001 with the… Read more »

Get the most out of Safari with our new Tutorials

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You may recall that we launched Safari Tutorials a few months ago, with a handful of Beta Tutorials for you to check out. If you need a reminder (or if you’re new to Safari), our Tutorials are learning paths that help you get the most out of Safari by connecting you to the right content… Read more »

Building Docker Images with Chef Provisioning

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What is Chef Provisioning? Chef Provisioning is a drop-in library for Chef that gives developers and infrastructure teams an added dimension of automated system configuration: the ability to bootstrap and install a series of OS and configuration deployments onto “bare metal”. There are a variety of drivers that can be used as bare metal abstractions, including Docker, LXC, Fog… Read more »

How to write a Twitter bot: a very brief guide

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A Twitter bot is a program that composes and posts tweets without any human intervention. They can be purely utilitarian (@safaribot announces new and popular content added to Safari), they can be artistic (@pentametron assembles rhyming couplets out of existing tweets), or they can be utterly surreal (@autocharts and many more by Darius Kazemi). We’re kind… Read more »