Safari Queue Update Includes Support for Highlighting and AirPlay

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Version 1.1 of Safari Queue is now available in the iTunes Store. We launched the app in late November, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve made a number of improvements in this first update. What’s new in this version? Version 1.1 of the Queue app includes the following new features and improvements: Highlighting! Highlights… Read more »

Getting the Most Out of Our New iOS App, Safari Queue

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Yesterday, we posted about Safari Queue, our new iOS application. Fundamental to the app is the notion that it syncs with your “queue,” a feature that is part of new Safari. Queuing is integrated throughout the Safari experience, but it may not be clear exactly what it does. What is the queue? Why would you… Read more »

Safari Queue for offline reading and watching now available on iOS

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Safari Queue, the iOS companion app for Safari, is now available in iTunes. About Safari Queue 1.0 Our goal for the first release of Safari Queue was to provide a great experience for reading books and videos when offline — by far our most requested feature, difficult to provide in a standalone web application. Unlimited offline availability Queue places no limits… Read more »

New in Safari, October 2014

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 New in Editorial & Discovery Editorial highlights include lots of resources for Swift, fresh for iOS8; Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown’s Growth Engines; Jason Gilmore’s Easy Active Record for Rails Developers and Film School in a Box. More than 250 new books were added to Safari in October. From Jason Santa Maria’s On Web Typography to a vast swathe of the Pragmatic Bookshelf catalog, we… Read more »