You should write clearer tickets to make your team happier

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First, write this ticket: Develop a best practices “ticket model” for maximum happiness Type: Improvement Priority: P0 Status: Open Assigned to: Everyone Description We want to collaborate effectively on changes to our products and take input from all parts of the organization. We can improve how clearly we express the goals of a new feature… Read more »

Career transition: from a startup to a larger company

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Over the course of my career I’ve spent most of my time working at smaller companies (less than 20 employees). I recently joined Safari, so the 150+ employees that work here is my first taste of a “larger company.” I realize to some that’s still a small company, but there’s no shortage of new experiences… Read more »

Zen and the Art of Writing Software

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I’ve always been a libertarian when it comes to the writing of code. When the team recently became enamored with coding style guides (e.g. A style guide for Python tests) and asked my opinion regarding the adoption of a particular guide for Javascript, I reluctantly offered the following: “I think there are some good things… Read more »

A letter to my past QA-self

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Dear QA-self from the past, This is your QA-self from the future writing to give you a quick pep-talk. Right now you do not have access to the Website’s Database so information that could take you a matter of moments to obtain end up taking way longer because you don’t have permissions to a run… Read more »

Got Issues?

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Safari’s Content Team has the dubious distinction of having the highest volume of tickets in our company-wide issue management tracking system (we use Atlassian’s JIRA). We easily win this competition, with more than 1,500 open issues on any given day. But do we buckle under the psychic weight of all these tickets? Nah… go ahead,… Read more »