Review: The Play (HTML5) by Deirdra Kiai

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This is the second in a series of reviews of interactive digital fiction. Other reviews: Meanwhile. The Play is an interactive short story by Deirdra Kiai developed using the Undum web fiction game engine. It was entered into the 17th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition where it placed third (most of the entries are old-school text… Read more »

Review: Meanwhile for iOS, by Jason Shiga & Andrew Plotkin

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(Part of a new series of reviews of interactive digital fiction) Meanwhile is a branched-storyline comic written and illustrated by Jason Shiga, originally published as a printed book. Interactive game developer Andrew Plotkin designed and coded the iOS version, available on the iOS App Store [iTunes link]. While I’ve seen the print edition, my first… Read more »

Cost-effective Development of Enhanced Content with EPUB3 (Digital Book World 2011)

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I presented at Digital Book World 2011 about using EPUB3 to produce multimedia and interactive ebooks that will be compatible with multiple devices and software ereaders. Anyone who’s ever been to a digital publishing conference knows that there is always a bewildering array of products that create and display enhanced content: ebooks that contain video,… Read more »

A story unfolding one day at a time

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Congratulations to our friends at Enthrill Entertainment on the launch of their first serial novel: One Child by Jeff Buick. Each day for 30 days, new content will open up in the online version. More about the daily release schedule. The story is revealed online with new content each day, and will later be published… Read more »

JavaScript and interactivity in iBooks

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Note: As of iBooks 1.1.2 (December 2010) this example no longer works, though JavaScript is still supported. I’m hoping to post an updated example soon. iBooks supports JavaScript-based interactivity in EPUB content. I took some content from Cooking with Booze by James Bridle (a.k.a. George Harvey Bone). It’s released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike… Read more »

Geo-aware ebook demo

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We’re making the geo demo featured in the Interactivity in EPUB talk available for download under the MIT License. About the demo In the demo, the geolocation capability of the web browser transmits your latitude/longitude. The code then queries the Geonames database to get an English placename. After that, the code will continually poll for… Read more »

Interactivity in EPUB using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3: BEA/IDPF video posted

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I re-recorded my talk at IDPF Digital Book as a video. Getting the audio synced properly was no fun so I apologize for a few production issues. Interactivity in EPUB View more videos from lizadaly. Here’s the executive summary of the talk: You can add interactivity to an EPUB book using either the <object> or… Read more »