How to write a Twitter bot: a very brief guide

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A Twitter bot is a program that composes and posts tweets without any human intervention. They can be purely utilitarian (@safaribot announces new and popular content added to Safari), they can be artistic (@pentametron assembles rhyming couplets out of existing tweets), or they can be utterly surreal (@autocharts and many more by Darius Kazemi). We’re kind… Read more »

Arduino Intro, Shopping list & Workshop #1

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I’ve recently become obsessed with physical computing. This started with my discovery of Arduino while heavily dogfooding our new products as a Product Manager here at Safari. The more I read about it, the more fascinated I became with all the things this tiny microcontroller could do, and eventually even volunteered to run an Arduino Workshop for… Read more »

Review: Meanwhile for iOS, by Jason Shiga & Andrew Plotkin

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(Part of a new series of reviews of interactive digital fiction) Meanwhile is a branched-storyline comic written and illustrated by Jason Shiga, originally published as a printed book. Interactive game developer Andrew Plotkin designed and coded the iOS version, available on the iOS App Store [iTunes link]. While I’ve seen the print edition, my first… Read more »

Caveman: An HTML5 cache manifest validator

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Over on his own blog, Ned Batchelder has written up his HTML5 appcache validator tool he whipped together while working on Ibis Reader: The result is Caveman, a Python tool to validate HTML5 cache manifests. It scrapes the HTML page you specify, finding resources, then compares them to the cache manifest and reports problems. Full… Read more »

HTML5 drag and drop support now in Ibis Reader

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HTML5 is a wild grab-bag of technologies. One of the lesser-known bits at the bottom of the bag is the drag and drop API. This allows you to physically drag files from your computer into a browser page, and have the browser do something with the file (typically upload it). If you’re logged in to… Read more »

Validating EPUB 3 experiments

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EPUB 3 is tricky to experiment with today. Like any brand-new specification, there aren’t many of the resources we often take for granted, from books to software to validation tools. However, if you’re already comfortable getting your hands dirty you can get meaningful validation for your EPUB 3 documents now. In the future, we’ll probably… Read more »

Cost-effective Development of Enhanced Content with EPUB3 (Digital Book World 2011)

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I presented at Digital Book World 2011 about using EPUB3 to produce multimedia and interactive ebooks that will be compatible with multiple devices and software ereaders. Anyone who’s ever been to a digital publishing conference knows that there is always a bewildering array of products that create and display enhanced content: ebooks that contain video,… Read more »