Streamlining CSS Print Design with Sass

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Three years ago, my colleagues and I in O’Reilly Media’s Production department made the decision to rearchitect our print-publishing software toolchain to support typesetting print books in HTML and CSS. Doing print layout with web technology was a fairly radical notion at the time (and still is today!), especially in traditional publishing-industry circles where commercial… Read more »

The superior economics of well-crafted ebooks

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I originally presented this talk on ebook markup to an audience of ebook developers and publishers. As someone who cares deeply about accessibility and discovery, it’s a subject that tends to get me agitated, but I tried to be extra-polite because my audience was Canadian. My hope is that as web-based book resources like Safari… Read more »

What publishing needs from the web (and how you can help)

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For a few months now I’ve served as co-chair of “DPUB”, the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group, (with Markus Gylling, who somehow has time to be a wonderful CTO of two different standards organizations). DPUB acts as a channel for those of us in digital publishing to influence the development of web standards like HTML5… Read more »

EPUB 3 Best Practices

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O’Reilly Media has just published EPUB 3 Best Practices, edited by Matt Garrish, who wrote much of the EPUB 3 specification itself, and Markus Gylling,  Chief Technology Officer of the IDPF. I can’t think of two people more qualified to organize and oversee this work, and it was a delight to work with Matt in… Read more »

The unXMLing of digital books

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Back in January we announced that the fantastic publishing technology team from PubFactory had joined Safari Books Online. Since then we’ve been hard at work integrating the team into our systems, and they’ve been hard at work building and maintaining search and reference products for their clients in academic publishing. It’s been a singular experience… Read more »

Joining the IDPF Board

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I am pleased to be joining the Board of Directors of the International Digital Publishing Forum (the IDPF). As I suggested in my nomination statement, I will try to focus on three specific goals: Developing clear documentation and best practices to ensure that reading systems consistently implement the technical capabilities of EPUB 3 to achieve… Read more »

The Alchemist and the EPUB

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Publishers sometimes ask me, “What [ tool | filter | app ] should I use to save my [ Word | layout ] files to EPUB format?” And I have to be the bearer of disappointing news: it’s not that simple. EPUBs that are produced using the sorts of tools that offer a Save As…… Read more »