Build the Right Culture in Your Software Engineering Team

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By Lauren Keller Johnson Lauren Keller Johnson is a freelance writer living in Harvard, MA Leading a software engineering team? If so, you know you’re responsible for ensuring that team members write great code. But that’s just part of the picture. You’re also in charge of managing how they collaborate to achieve the project’s goals…. Read more »

In the Editor’s Queue: Three Good Reads on Managing Teams

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I’ve managed many teams during my career. I’ve managed teams of two and teams of twenty; those in which everyone worked in the same location and those where individuals were spread over multiple continents. Leading a team is never an easy challenge. Here are a few resources that strike as particularly useful at the moment. 9… Read more »

The Zen of Agile Product Design

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When new Safari was just a baby experiment called Safari Flow, we had one product designer working with some excellent freelancers, and we could play fast and loose with our workflow. But as we’ve made the transition to new Safari, the stakes, naturally, have gotten higher. Product managers and designers are faced with the challenge of… Read more »

Using boring for good: a story about budgets

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I can remember quite clearly the sense of pride inside the audience at Office Optional, the first (?) conference about remote work and distributed teams. We knew that together we were charting unexplored territories of collaboration and work. The closing keynote burst this bubble: management speaker/thinker/academic Bob Sutton reminded the crowd that the Romans and… Read more »

Working in the future

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(or how to work 9 hours ahead of everyone else) Living in Barcelona for the last four years, I’ve had to do my fair share of remote working for companies on different time zones with varying degrees of success, ranging from okay to appalling. And then I started working with Safari as a Senior Product Designer…. Read more »

Career transition: from a startup to a larger company

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Over the course of my career I’ve spent most of my time working at smaller companies (less than 20 employees). I recently joined Safari, so the 150+ employees that work here is my first taste of a “larger company.” I realize to some that’s still a small company, but there’s no shortage of new experiences… Read more »

Coding while hiring

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If you’re hiring people to write programs, you should work on a program with them. This advice is nothing new but is too easy to ignore or botch. Switching my interviews to live coding on a real program is the single biggest hiring improvement I’ve ever made. It was helpful enough that I don’t think… Read more »