4 Brilliant Things Apple Music Does with Playlists

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I curate content for a living so I am not easily impressed. But I am deeply taken by the way Apple Music recommends content to me through playlists. Beyond driving my engagement with the platform, Apple Music’s playlist strategy provides a powerful model for thinking about how to combine machine- and human-powered curation. Here are four (of… Read more »

Safari is looking for a Junior Designer

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The design team at Safari is looking to add another person to our growing group. We’re looking for someone who will provide cover for Loz and myself as we tackle larger design-related initiatives at Safari, as well as general support for design-and-communications-related needs across the company. This is a junior role, so it’s best suited for someone who is just starting… Read more »

The Zen of Agile Product Design

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When new Safari was just a baby experiment called Safari Flow, we had one product designer working with some excellent freelancers, and we could play fast and loose with our workflow. But as we’ve made the transition to new Safari, the stakes, naturally, have gotten higher. Product managers and designers are faced with the challenge of… Read more »

NaNoGenMo 2014: A procedurally generated mysterious codex

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  This is the second year of Darius Kazemi’s NaNoGenMo project: write code that generates a “novel.” NaNoGenMo is, obviously, a playful turn on National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) — as is Safari’s blog-post-a-day-in-November. The “novel” is defined however you want. It could be 50,000 repetitions of the word “meow”. It could literally grab a… Read more »

The superior economics of well-crafted ebooks

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I originally presented this talk on ebook markup to an audience of ebook developers and publishers. As someone who cares deeply about accessibility and discovery, it’s a subject that tends to get me agitated, but I tried to be extra-polite because my audience was Canadian. My hope is that as web-based book resources like Safari… Read more »

Be the [Your Project Here] Accessibility Hero!

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Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Last summer I taught an accessibility tutorial at OSCON with Denise Paolucci. After the tutorial (which has training materials on GitHub), I was speaking with attendees about what else they wanted from accessibility training, and I had an epiphany. An OSCON epiphany. We don’t need more accessibility experts telling you… Read more »

Implementing Pie Charts in R

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Tom Barker is a software engineer, an engineering manager, a professor and an author. Currently he is Director of Software Engineering and Development at Comcast, and an Adjunct Professor at Philadelphia University. He has authored Pro JavaScript Performance: Monitoring and Visualization, Pro Data Visualization with R and JavaScript, and Technical Management: A Primer, and can… Read more »

Designers wanted

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Safari Flow marked a big turning point in our product roadmap, and among all the forward-thinking attributes on display when you sign in to Flow, the design of the app is front and center. Our customers have been raving about the clean, elegant, and intuitive user interface, and the unobtrusive and simple reading environment. With Flow now out… Read more »

Responsive First Aid

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At the Ampersand conference, Nick Sherman talked about responsive typography — where typographic displays change to respond to the viewing conditions — and how we can use face detection in the browser to serve up the right size type for a reader. He showed us a nifty responsive-typography-via-face-detection demo, and he demoed his size calculator,… Read more »